Beach Bambino

Prior to surgery, we had  an extraordinary Mommy-Daughter Silver Lining Beach Day.  Today, we reminisced about it and it made us both so happy.  A perfect day, spectacular sunshine, glorious fresh air, superb waves, and delish cupcakes. What more could a SL day ask for?

The Best Treat: Whodidily Cupcakes

Butterfly Beach in Montecito

A Very Happy 4 3/4!

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  1. Judy Foreman says

    Dearest Hollye,
    Spoke of you today at Patricia Nole's and she was kind enough to give me your blog. I heard about your courageous and optimistic battle with breast cancer and I wanted to send my love and get well quick wishes.
    Leaving for Chicago on Monday for a week with friends for Thanksgiving. I will be thinking of you with love,
    Judy Foreman

  2. Eve says

    Ahh, nothing more perfect than a gorgeous day on the beach with mommy & daughter. The perfect healing medicine. Salt air helps too:) I am glad to hear you are up and around, but don't over do it! Enjoy not doing any weight lifting!!!