Friday Photos #2: A Great Week!


Three of my favorite things from the farmer’s market: garlic, tomatoes and basil. YUM!

Buzz rockin’ the football. About 8 minutes after I took this, he proceeded to rip it to shreds. The only thing he’s demolished since we adopted him last year…& he had so darn much fun that I couldn’t really get mad at him.

Though a great white shark was spotted off the shores of Santa Barbara (Eeeee-Gads!), these are two dolphins frolicking in the ocean.

On a morning stroll. So peaceful. Is it wrong to wish that my legs looked like this?!?

I’ve been soooooo tired lately. Geesh. While I wanted coffee, I drank the juice. 

Early morning surfer.

Buzz checking out the rockin’ chess game between Sweetly Six and the HOTY. 

The epitome of summertime fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Isabel says

    Dear H,
    You are our very own local Lee Miller!. I so much enjoy all the exquisite photos you post.
    Te deseo un maravilloso fin de semana.