Friday Photos: Animal Kingdom – Santa Barbara Zoo

It has been a spring filled with animals, which equates to a spring filled with Silver Linings. I am always happiest when I spend time with animals. Their beauty, spirit and sense of presence always inspires me.  It fills my heart with joy that Suddenly Seven has the same affinity for the magical world of animals, from dolphins to capybara’s to beloved Buzz.

Here is Suddenly Seven feeding a capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Ever heard of this animal? It is the largest rodent in the world and definitely reminded me of the “rodents of unusual size” from The Princess Bride except that capybara’s are much nicer and not inclined to chew on people.

Lions are my favorite animal. They were roaaaaaaaring the day we were at the zoo.

Me smooching with the dolphins earlier this spring. Talk about a Silver Lining!

Buzz at the beauty parlor. It’s hard to be so handsome!

This particular capybara loved neck rugs. Look at those TEETH! Major Silver Lining!

This is Michael the giraffe. He loooooooves his lettuce!

http://www.thesilverpen.comWe had a seat on the dolphin superhighway. It was magical!

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