Friday Photos: Food, Flowers and Fun!


This has been a wonderful week, full of food, flowers and fun (in San Francisco!).  I never cease to be amazed by or grateful for all of the Silver Linings in my life. Really and truly. I’m in a place of full-on gratitude and appreciation….

Speaking of which, thank YOU all for reading The Silver Pen!  I continued to be inspired and excited about the community that we ALL are building here. Thank you for your comments, feedback and contribution!  YOU, dear readers, are my Silver Lining!

My new favorite lunch spot in San Francisco: Kokkari

A little bubbly champagne treat to end the week!

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  1. Amy says

    These photos are gorgeous! I love that you have this fun and beautiful aspect of your blog. Your site isn't all-cancer-all-the-time (although your advice with respect to FC-related matters is so helpful, practical and comforting), but shows so much of the lovelier and happier parts of life, too. And as fall turns to winter here in the Midwest, your snapshots of life on the West Coast are a most welcome escape!

    • says

      Dear Amy,
      Thank you so, so, so very much for your comment. It means the world to me. My philosophy is that FC all the time is a major downer. FC happens within the context of life and living…and there are so many wonderful and beautiful things in life to celebrate. Thank you again!