Friday Photos #1: Summertime Fun


One of my favorite new gadgets is the “Shake it Photo” app on iTunes.  It enables you to take polaroid-esque photos.  You all know by now that I’m an old-fashioned kind of gal…and polaroids are the epitome of old fashioned. Wait. I grew up with polaroids. Hold on. That means that I just admitted to being old. Geesh. However, after the last couple of years that I’ve had, getting old is so much better than the alternative (Silver Lining)!

Our daughter, a/k/a Sweetly Six is having a whole lotta fun at the beach!

One day I took Buzz with me on a quick errand in the car & this is what I came back to. That crooked smile was the Silver Lining of that day. I love this dog so much!

Some of Sweetly Six’s art…Yes, that is a disco ball!

A lighthouse in Montecito. The color of the sky tends to be magnificent…on a daily basis.

I took the most FUN cruise to on Amtrak. Wow. What an easy peasy way to roll. L.O.V.E.!

My view from the train. Drool time.

One of the many heart shaped accruements that Sweetly Six finds. 

One of the highlights of the summer: Sitting down to dinner and finding this happy face waiting for me in my salad. Talk about a Silver Lining!

I hope that you are having a magnificent summer as well!  Thank you, as always, for reading The Silver Pen!

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing all the summertime smiles, Hollye. They can pop up surprisingly, as you noted; in your salad, on your dog's face, or in my favorite, Sweetly Six's smiling happy dancers. I love her choice of colors and way of showing movement. The picture definitely is worth framing. I think you just may have a budding artist in her. :)

    If you look for the positive silver linings you will find happiness surrounds you.

  2. E.B. says

    Aren't Polaroids wonderful? For my 6th graduation my parents and grandparents gave me a Polaroid Swinger camera. It took black and white pictures and was the "in" gadget (this was in '68). I loved that camera, the instant gratification, took pictures with it through junior and high school. Even when I got other cameras, I still used my trusty Polaroid. Many, many years later my parents gave me another Polaroid (this one takes color photos) for Christmas. My Mom had just been diagnosed and that precious gift allowed me to capture many happy moments. Still have the camera. Have one heck of a time finding film, but I am keeping it forever. Have fancy, complicated cameras these days, they take great photos, but still my Polaroids hold a special place in my heart. I love photographs, they are memories you can touch.

    • says

      They are indeed so fun. Love your 6th grade graduation story. So fun!
      Photos are indeed the memories the thou can touch…I really like that image.
      Thanks, E.B.!

  3. Cynthia says

    The disco ball art is fantastic!!!!! Please frame and keep in your house forever or ask SS if I can have it!!!! xoxo c.