Latte Art of Kazuki Yamamoto


Please allow me to put a big smile on your face and add a Silver Lining to your today.  While surfing around the internet – as I am apt to do – I came across Kazuki Yamamoto, a Japanese artist living and working in Osaka.

Using a toothpick – just a little ‘ol toothpick – Kazuki creates amzing latte art for his customers. I’m typically not a coffee drinker (not because I’m a purist but because it gives me a headache); however, I could be convinced to order one of these – just to look at the beautiful art! Hope you enjoy these images as much as I have!





latte-coffee-art-kazuki-yamamotolatte art npr

You can find more images on Kazuki Yamamoto’s twitter account.  Enjoy!

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    • silverpen says

      Hi Carla,
      Thanks for your note! You may want to google Kazuki Yamaoto. I wish I could do the art, but appreciate it from afar.