Hopeful Olympics! – Annie Leibovitz

You know how much I love Vogue, right?  Well, how excited am I about the June feature on America’s top athletes who are preparing for the London Olympics? A Silver Lined start to the day (and will hopefully be a motivation for my upcoming hike!).

Hope Solo, Soccer

Ryan Lochte, Swimming

Serena Williams, Tennis

Ashton Eaton, Track & Field


Dwyane Wade, Basketball

Jonathan Horton, Gymnastics

Ryan Lochte, Swimming

Bryan Brothers

These are some of the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen in Vogue, just sayin’…Annie Leibovitz has outdone herself!

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  1. says

    A wonderful post, Hollye, and yes, beautiful images. I am also heartened by the positive portrayal of wholesomeness and athleticism (i.e. these girls eat) that we don't always see embraced by the fashion community – but which you and your blog embrace without exception! Brava.

  2. Leslie Basham says

    Love Vogue for beautiful photos and inspiring stories and models! Nice and HEALTHY Models!