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The Silver Pen

The Silver Pen

This fall has had me feeling like I am drinking out of a fire hose – literally. While the opportunities are extraordinary, I have been moving so quickly and responding so reactively that I feel like I have whiplash! So, one of the things that I am working really hard on is staying focused and present.

What I am learning is that at any moment, the only true certainty is our ability to pay attention to one thing or another – something in our body, in our mind, or in our surroundings.

During the day, I often ask myself: What are you giving your attention to in this moment?

This is a great question because the truth is that whatever you’re paying attention to is by definition your highest priority right now.

Our attention is the source of all insight, learning, communication, connection with others, beliefs, and emotions in our lives.

When I really focus, I realize that the only way for something to enter our minds is for us to give it our attention and thus to invite it in. Working on living our best and happiest lives, and making our greatest possible contributions to the world, are intimately bound up with a simple habit: focusing our attention on those things that are most important to us.

The choice of what we pay attention to is the most fundamental thing in our lives. It literally creates our experience of reality. The Silver Lining of paying attention is that it shuts off the firehose!

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  1. E.B. says

    Getting caught up on my blogs …

    “The choice of what we pay attention to is the most fundamental thing in our lives. It literally creates our experience of reality.” Miss Hollye, that is not only a Silver Lining, that is a Silver Nugget!

  2. Mary Karkoulas says

    Hi Hollye
    You are so right life is so full a lot of times I feel I am running a marathon.
    After chemo and radiation and now feeling
    everyday a bit better I want to make up for that crazy year so if I always wanted to do
    something I don’t think about it I Do It.
    But what I do is I stop focus and try to find inner peace and calm.
    Then I can tackle anything !!!!
    My Best Wishes to you Always

    • silverpen says

      Thank you so much for your note, Mary.
      I believe that we can’t make up for lost time (though my head continues to try!), but rather we can focus on the time that we have in front of us and make it as good as possible.
      Sending all of my best to you in Coogee Australia!