Saturday Snapshots: 4th of July Highlights

Aside from having no clue what day it is (thanks to the middle-of-the-week holiday), we have had the most Silver Lined week, filled with family, food, friends, and festivities.

What have the highlights of your week been?

I couldn’t NOT include this, now could I? This woman was a member of the (mock) “Olympic Snorkeling Team”…quite hilarious.

The Village Parade Grand Master. Classic. I especially love the bubbles!

Breakfast at the Montecito Firehouse…the BEST breakfast of the year!

Waiting for the fireworks (while other people were eating) was incredibly peaceful.

Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing, healthy, restorative, Silver Lined Weekend!

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  1. Kim C says

    Thank you for a peak at your wonderful week. Waiting for the fireworks does look lovely and calm. Wishing you a silver lined weekend too!