Saturday Snapshots: Eataly in New York


I’m having a majorly Silver Lined week.  I’m in New York, catching up with friends, fashion and eating amazing food.



Speaking of amazing things in New York, a friend asked me to meet her at Eatly downtown at 24th/25th and Broadway. She described it to me as a “crazy Italian grocery store with multiple restaurants.” Awesome. She was spot on.  I happened to get there a little early and couldn’t help snapping shots.

According to its website, EATALY wants to challenge the idea that quality products are accessible only to a select few. Good eating and shopping is not limited to connoisseurs; it is an agricultural act we all have the right, “diritto” in Italian, to enjoy. At Eataly, they believe that we’re all in this together…that what we choose every day determines what they will stock on their shelves over time.  How cool is this?

All I can say is:  This place is F-bomb amazing!  I had the absolute best time imaginable.

If you’re anywhere near New York’s Eatly, you MUST go!  What an absolutely phenomenal, incredible, Silver Lined place!  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!










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  1. marykay demaio says

    Love Love Love Mario Batali and all he's involved in! I read about this place months ago couldnt make it in August but its on my list for September.
    Have an awesome time!
    Mary Kay