Saturday Snapshots: Russian Ceilings

Though I’m still working on my St. Petersburg post, I thought that I’d share with you one of my favorite aspects of the trip…looking at ceilings. Everywhere we went, the ceilings were as magnificent as anything else and consequently, I found myself looking UP…all of the time.  Fortunately, I managed to avoid getting a black eye from all of the doors and walls I ran into (Silver Lining).

The ceiling reflected in the mirror was breathtaking!

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  1. Patricia Harkness says


    I know what you mean about the Russian ceilings. I kept running into people because my gaze was always up. They were magnificant…especially the churches and the Hermitage.

  2. Bonnie Likover says

    Thank you for sharing those amazing photos you took of ceilings and walls….undoubtedly a look into some awesome buildings. Can you imagine the artisans standing on tall ladders to accomplish those designs? I loved seeing these almost as much as the flora and fauna of Santa Barbara.

  3. Melani Wilson says

    Hollye, Your photography is amazing! I can't wait to see the St. Petersburg post. This post just whets my whistle! Melani