Sunday Snapshots: Jackson Hole

This week, the HOTY and I had the most glorious 10 Year Anniversary celebration in Jackson Hole. It was the greatest imaginable Silver Lining after this year.  We hiked, slept, ate, and best of all, really reconnected.

As I mentioned, finding our new post-FBC mojo has taken quite a bit of work.  There’s absolutely nothing in the world like having zero obligations (Ahem, aside from a 4:00 massage!).  On our many multi-hour hikes, we had some extraordinary conversations about how we want to live our life as we move forward.  Continued simplification. Focused intention. Heightened awareness.

This was my first time to Jackson Hole.  I must say that it is an extraordinarily special place. There is something undeniably magical about it.  I was seriously mello-yellow for the first time in a long, long time.

In addition, I felt seriously clear headed and remarkably strong, undoubtedly fueled by the magnificent environment (Silver Lining).






At the top of Rendezvous Mountain in the Teton Village is Corbet’s Cabin.  A friend of mine told me about the must-have waffles at the top of the mountain. She is a pastry chef, by the way which happens to be a GREAT kind of friend to have.  I’m just sayin’.  Anyway, the W-A-F-F-L-E-S.  Oh my goodness, gracious.  Indescribably delish: simultaneously heavenly and sinful.  It’s a good thing that after eating mine, I ran the 7 1/2 miles down the mountain!  (That felt SO F-bomb good to write!!!)



Fortunately, the only wildlife we encountered were insects, birds and beavers.




The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.

~Henry Boye

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  1. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing your holiday! Sounds and looks like it was truly restful and rejuvenating. Your conversations with the HOTY sound so connected and real. It must feel good to talk about the future after such a difficult year!! So happy you could get away before summer's end! God bless you and take care,