Sunday Snapshots: Lovely Llamas and Adorable Alpacas


Finally Five (our daughter) and I are incredibly fortunate to have two wonderfully adventurous and fun friends who, when they call for a play date, we always say YES! YES! YES!

Without exception, they plan the most fun and surprising outings.  We never know where we are going, what we are going to do or whom we will meet.  I just know to bring my camera!

One of the many things that I love about living in Santa Barbara is that you never know what is behind a gate or up a lush lane.  On this particular day, we found ourselves at an alpaca and llama farm. Total shocker. Total Silver Lining.



Another Silver Lining to our adventures is that my brain always grows. Today, in addition to witnessing their cuteness up close and personal, I had the opportunity to learn the difference between the alpaca and llama.  I know that you’re waiting on the edge of your seats to know the differences as well, right?!?!



I can't begin to imagine the pedicure on THESE feet. They look prehistoric!


Well, to begin with, an alpaca’s function is to grow beautiful fleece. A Llama also has fiber that can be used for garments but it is much coarser.

The reason for this difference is because the Alpaca was domesticated and carefully bred for over 5000 years (tracing to the Incas) as a luxury fiber producing animal. The Llama has been bred for the same amount of time as a pack carrying animal.



Alpacas are very much herd animals and must be with their herdmates. Llamas are more independent.



A Llama is a much larger animal, almost double the size of an alpaca. Llamas have been used as guard animals for alpacas. Their larger size makes them great as a pack animal. They are also used for pulling carts.



In addition to their difference in size, an alpaca has straight ears. A llama has curved banana shaped ears.

Another difference is that the llama’s back is long and straight with the tail set high whereas the back of an alpaca appears shorter and tends to round down at the rump with the tail set lower.




I continue to have tremendous gratitude to our generous and thoughtful friends!  They have been such a Silver Lining in our life!

Hope you all have a magnificent day.  Thank you for reading!

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

~St. Augustine

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  1. Patricia Harkness says

    You are an inspiration. Thankyou for sharing. Alpacas are also very zen animals, many love to give alpaca kisses. We own an alpaca farm in NC. I would have loved to have seen your images, but they are not present now. I wish you much love, kisses, and peace in the New Year.

    Patricia Harkness
    Beach Run Farm

  2. Kim says

    Very sweet photos!

    I followed your recipe for Ranch Granola (to the letter) and it's great! Our younger daughter just left for college with a bag full…. this morning.
    I just sat down and read your blog, after laying on her bed and having a good cry. Thanks for the sweet pictures this morning & the yummy granola.