Sunday Snapshots: Sunrise & Sunset


The Santa Barbara sky has been nothing short of astounding this week, equally beautiful at sunrise and sunset. One of the things that I adopted during my FBC period is the appreciation for color, sky and stillness. I stop and look and appreciate my environment more than I ever did (Silver Lining). Stopping has actually become an active process for me resulting in a life full of inspiration!

Here are some of the inspirations that I have captured this week.

All photos by Hollye Jacobs for The Silver Pen.

Every sunset is also a sunrise. It all depends on where you stand.

– Karl Schmidt

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  1. says

    Are you swimming at The Coral in the mornings??!
    Well… I walked AROUND my pool the other morning while waiting for the kettle to boil. A watched kettle never boils, as you know :)


  2. Maili says

    Some of your best photos yet! True art. Who knew you were such a talented photographer on top of being a great writer. Photography to me really helps you to "see" life in a deeper way. It makes you stop and notice the little things. Sometimes the lens can't capture the beauty that you notice and see. Sometimes I can see a shot but can't capture it. So bravo for doing both and then sharing with all of us so we can delight in the same beauty.