Sunday Sweetness #11: Kisses


Our daughter, a/k/a Sweetly Six is really into kisses. “Poppa, I need another good morning kiss,” she’ll say to the HOTY.  Wowsy. Does that ever make my heart melt, especially because for the last 4 years she has consistently said, “Enough with the kisses!” (after only one smooch).

After an afternoon of lounging under a tree reading, snuggling and smooching (major Silver Lining!), I couldn’t help but think about how sweet kissing really is (Silver Lining).

My beautiful and amazingly talented friend, photographer Elizabeth Messina has taken the most exquisite photos of kissing that I’m excited to share with you here. You can see more on her blog, Kiss the Groom.

Happy Sunday!

Photography by Elizabeth Messina

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  1. JoAnn Bloom says

    I have caught a virus a month after finishing radiation. What can I do to improve my strength, nutrition and life so I don't start a cycle of illness ?

    • says

      Dear JoAnn,
      I'm so sorry to hear this. I understand completely and found myself in a similar situation after I finished radiation. I'll do a special post on this topic this week because there are indeed things that can be done to improve strength, nutrition and life!
      Thank you for your comment!