Sunday Sweetness #12: Invitations


When it comes to invitations, I’m old-fashioned. And not particularly eco-friendly…because I love a paper invitation. I just do. There. I said it.

The special envelope and paper, the fancy handwriting, the pretty stamp all say to me, “You are important, and I really want you to be here.” I happen to have a ginormous file of  invitations that I have saved as keepsakes. On a yucky day, pulling out this file is a Silver Lining because it gives me the opportunity to look at and remember good times.

I used an online invitation service once. I fully acknowledge that it was less expensive and incredibly efficient; however, I felt really yucky about it. It just didn’t feel as personal or as warm.

When I feel a tad guilty (actually, post-FBC I don’t really feel that emotion any more – Silver Lining) about sending paper invitations, I figure that there are other ways to both save money and be eco-friendly:

  1. Choose vendors committed to recycling or caterers who feature locally grown products or farm-to-table menus. You will support the environment, agriculture and your local economy (Triple Silver Lining!)
  2. Use online planning tools to keep digital lists and contacts.

Anyhoo, back to invitations. My extraordinarily talented friend, Elizabeth Messina has some of the most exquisite and sweet photographs of invitations on her blog, Kiss the Groom.

How about you?  Paper or Paperless?

Photography by Elizabeth Messina 


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  1. E.B. says

    Paper. Absolutely. Special days deserve special invites! Good for you re: losing the feeling guilty gene, life is way too precious to spend even a nanosecond feeling guilty! My oldest goddaughter (a major silver lining in my life) and her fiancee (now hubby and also a HOTY and a silver lining) designed their wedding invitation, it is on one of my memory boards (love those!) with photos from their beautiful oceanside wedding. I have kept special cards and invitations and they bring back some wonderful memories full of love, life and laughter (silver lining, silver lining, silver lining). Paper. Absolutely.

  2. says

    PAPER – I still love the card, the letter, the note, the invite by mail. Good stationery, a beautiful card, are so much more personal and considerate and caring. Something you can enjoy getting from your mailbox, hold in your hand, reread, and keep as a treasure.