Sunday Sweetness #3: Pregnancy


A dear friend of mine is expecting a baby. Her first. A girl.

The due date has come and gone. Babies come when they are ready to come, don’t they? A week past her due date, Sweetly Six was dragged out with the salad tongs kicking and screaming. Apparently she was quite comfy on the inside. Now, knowing her personality, I think that she just didn’t like being told what to do. So my baby girl.

Is there anything more sweet in the world than pregnancy? I mean, really. Pregnant women glow (even if it’s the glow of nausea!).  They emanate new life, which is the ultimate Silver Lining.

My friend Elizabeth Messina documents pregnancy in the most exquisite way. Enjoy her images below and on her blog, Kiss the Groom.

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  1. Charlyn Coleman says

    That's why I'm still delivering babies after all these years, 38 and counting. I've helped over 4400 babies into this world, and yes, each is a SILVER LINING!!