Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

Hope you’ve had a great week. Where has it gone, by the way?  My oh my oh my.  One minute I’m schvitzing in New York – it was HOTHOTHOT! – and the next minute I’m doing a promotional video for the book and the next minute on another airplane coming home. Coming home has definitely been the Silver Lining of the week. Without a doubt.

This weekend requires some nap time. When I get tired, I have a tendency to run into walls and drop things. Case in point: today, I was so tired that just before entering Suddenly Seven’s classroom, I managed to drop the entire veggie tray that I promised to her teacher. Oh yes I did. Carrots everywhere. One of the boys in the class  said, “Well. That was a surprise.” Indeed it was. But, as we picked up the carrots, we looked for the Silver Linings: like feeding the squirrels and bunnies and composting the rest.

So, this weekend, I wish you (and me!!) sunshine, naps, exercise, conversation, beautiful, peaceful silence…and of course Silver Linings.



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  1. E.B. says

    You need to take care of yourself, Miss Hollye! Like Isa above says, reposo, descanso, siesta! We get so busy taking care of everyone else, getting involved with projects we love (but take up a LOT of time), we neglect to take care of ourselves, ink in (not pencil in) some "Hollye" time. Even if it's just 30 minutes. I try to stay hydrated and get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is important … or else we start walking into walls and dropping stuff (in my case it's files, lots and lots of files, yelling at the printer when it refuses to print … then realize (DUH!) it's out of paper and hanging up on people thinking I'm putting them on hold). Coming home is most definitely a Silver Lining, each and every time. Maybe it's time for a Pajama Day? Love those!

    • says

      Thanks for being so thoughtful, E.B.! As a matter of fact, yesterday – after giving two speeches! – I came home and took a nap and then took Suddenly Seven to tea. Both were Silver Linings of my day! I'm planning on a nap today, but you're right…it's definitely time for a Pajama DAY!

  2. Kim C says

    Nighty night sleep tight this weekend. I can so relate…. when my kids were that age…One summer we busy, busy Mom's in the neighbourhood were carpooling our kids to swimming lessons and on my day I left one of the kids behind at the pool! Ok, so there were several of them…. it can happen right? So embarrassing!