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  1. Isa says

    Dear Hollye,
    How I love your posts!, all of them. Reading your blog every day (sauf le dimanche), makes me plain HAPPY. 🙂
    So again and again,I'll never get tired to THANK YOU! for always thinking of us your readers, with such generosity, thank you for devoting a sizeable chunk of your day, to construct and create beautiful messages to share with us and paint our days with a lovely and always enthralling note.

    Have an AWE-Inspiring week.

    Besos de canela, anis y nuez.

    p.s.: Did you watch Homeland yesterday? Wasn't it terrific? What are your favorite Tvshows and do you care to share with us, why do you like them. I am intrigued if you follow any of Bravo's Real Housewives and what's your "Pallas Athena" view on them.

    • says

      Many thanks, as always, Isa!
      I'm not a big TV person; however, I LOVE: Homeland (I'm watching it tonight!), Modern Family, The Good Wife and Newsroom (currently on hiatus). 🙂
      I never watched the Real Housewives…