Musical Monday #4: Healer

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  1. Terrey says

    Diagnosed 11 days ago. Stage 1 Grade 2 tiny.Detected very early by machines only.Too small for anything else.
    Motto:WE WILL WIN.
    Read your book.
    I need a girlfriend who has been there.
    Will seek this out locally but in the meantime I want you to know you have helped me a lot already.
    I have young relative in chemo, triple negative, Brca 1. Strong. But I am older and have things to consider differently. Her Mom is now preoccupied. Hubby had it ten years ago and he was relieved of his career 6 weeks in to recovery. I had to go back to work. I am now retired. Silver lining: He would not have gone on my dream trips if that had not happened. Silver lining: When I get well I will go more. He is off on a planned trip before surgery with our son for a few days after encouragement. Silver lining: I will learn generosity has a glow. My Mom passed in July from myeloma complications. My brother is now a survivor being treated at the same time as her, living 20 minutes away from her. Silver Lining: I am thankful that at 89 this dear soul did not have to bear a second child and a granddaughter going through this. I miss her every single day. My brother gets it. Thanks for your marvelous book. T.

    • silverpen says

      Dear Terrey,
      I love love love your motto! Wonderful. Yes, indeed: WE WILL WIN.
      I'm thrilled to learn about your Silver Linings. They are so beautiful.
      Thank you so much for writing. Sending you my very best wishes.
      I am hopeful that the book helps you in your experience.
      Take good care,