Musical Monday: Still Beautiful by Vanaka

Musical Monday: Still Beautiful by Vanaka

Happy Monday! Ohhhhh, do I have a great song for you today! Over the weekend (to a rapt audience!) our dear friends Don & Stacey Fergusson debuted their new song and video, Still Beautiful. You may recall that Don & Stacey wrote and produced the Silver Girl song & video that I shared with you a few weeks ago.

If you thought that Silver Girl was great, get ready for more amazing-ness. This is seriously Goosebump City!

Vanaka | The Silver Pen

Part of what makes the Vanaka (translated to gratitude) songs so unique and special is that they come from, well, unique and special places. Stacey wrote the song after the Sandy Hook tragedy. It evolved from a conversation with her son (who at the time was in 3rd grade) about what happened and why. GULP.  After the heartbreaking conversation, Stacey’s son said, “I feel hollow inside.” How apt a description is that?!? Shortly thereafter, Still Beautiful was born.

Ok, enough chitter-chatter. Here is the video, lyrics and some special behind the scenes photographs. Hope that this song inspires you as much as it does me!

Here are some behind the scenes images (I always LOVE BTS’s!) and hope that you do as well!Layout 1

And last, but not least, the beautiful lyrics:


By Stacey J. Fergusson & J.R. Richards

Yesterday your eyes were filled with the sky

And now you say you feel hollow inside

Such sadness we wonder why

So much madness we find in mankind

In this world of sun and shadow

Can’t know joy without sorrow

Keep your faith your soul is safe

Look for the love in every face

Lead from the place inside

That knows how to follow the light

Look for the love

Trust the love that lives within

As you let love lead

In this world still beautiful

With all it’s suffering and all its pain

What we have is held more precious

When we see how fast it can change

In your eyes I can see your heart

Light and beauty no shadow can touch

Hold a hand when you’re afraid

And when you feel brave, do the same.



Andrea Miner
Jared Arkulary
Choreographer &
Artistic Director: Rodney Gustafson
Prima Ballerina: Kate Kadow
Prima Ballerino: Ryan Camou
Ballet Master: Marina Fliagina-Domrachev
Costume Design: Ben-Oni Cortes


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  1. Rosie Feinberg says

    this is beautiful.

    it was so great to see you the other day. I love warm your hugs!! lifts my entire day…