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Three Things Jason Mraz

Happy Monday!  Let’s get back to Musical Monday’s, shall we? I love music. It is such a big part of our family’s life. Music lifts me up and inspires me. Music makes my heart sing. It makes me think. It makes me dance. Music is often the most amazing Silver Lining in my day.

Recently, the HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year) and I had the great opportunity to hear Jason Mraz at the Santa Barbara Bowl, a magical outdoor musical venue in the heart of our amazing town.

The song “3 Things” blew me away. I was pretty much in tears the ENTIRE time because it took me right back to that place after my diagnosis, when my life fell apart. Now, I acknowledge the fact that the reason I was so weepy was courtesy of a little extra sensitivity right now due to the fact that I am coming up on my “Cancerversary”. But what I love about this song is that it transcends illness and really applies to anyone going through a difficult period in their lives – and after all, don’t we all at some point?

“3 Things” by Jason Mraz

There are three things I do when my life falls apart

Number one I cry my eyes out and I dry up my heart

Not until I do this will my new life start

Yeah that’s the first thing that I do when my life falls apart.

Oh the second thing I would do is I would close both of my eyes

And sing the parts I knew of favorite songs up to the sky.

I go where I know the love is centering that look inside

Gathering new strength from sorrow,

I’d die to feel alive. I keep it calm around me.

I’m safe inside my storm.

I’m seeing all is grounding.

Cause on the ground you can’t get no lower.

No when you’re grounded you can’t get no lower.

Yeah the third thing that I do now when my world caves in,

is I pause I take a breath and bow and I let that chapter end.

I design my future bright not by where my life has been.

And I try, try, try, try, try again.

Yes I try, try, try, try, try again.

I hope that this song lifts you up. Wishing you a day full of Silver Linings!

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  1. Courtney says

    As a student nurse getting ready to transition in a few months, your story is truly inspiring. I saw you on the news this morning and shared your story with my clinical group today. Needless to say, we are all excited to read your book and use your story to guide our compassion and empathy as novice nurses who can become very task oriented without regard to our patients. Thank you for inspiring us to find our "Silver Linings"! Congratulations on your Cancerversary; cheers to many more!

    Courtney, SN

    • says

      Hi Courtney,
      Thank you so much for your note. I really appreciate it! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
      Best wishes…and please stay in touch.

  2. E.B. says

    Love, love, love him. I love the line "safe inside my storm." Love "I pause I take a breath and bow and I let that chapter end. I design my future bright not by where my life has been." Oh, my. I'm right there beside you with "the weepies." Beautiful words.