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  1. Kathy says

    Holley, I heard you on the radio the other day and was blown away by your spirit. As you know I am sure most of us (people in general) feel sorry for ourselves whether we should or not. I really try to be the or not group but it doesn't always work out that way. I am one of the lucky ones who have so much stuff going on that it's hard to think about the sunny side up side of life. I am 56 years old and was diagnosed 28 years ago with Interstitial Cystitis a horrible bladder disease. I was diagnosed one month after we were married and my husband was diagnosed two months after that with diabetes. Our first year was a hell of a year, I didn't know if we would make it. I am not sure how we did. I was in pain every day and he gained a pound every week. I have now had over 40 plus surgeries losing body parts because of this disease, let me see if we take this out we can avoid that, oh but if we take that out it will relieve your pain, no let me think I am sure if I remove this you will feel 100 per cent better.. HA no I don't no I didn't and no still in pain. hmmm who are you suppose to believe if not for your doctor. I believed a lot of doctors and their findings, but in the end I should have listened to my own inner voice. The one that makes sense and the one who knew better. When this is all said and done, I lost my appendix, gallbladder, I had a hysterectomy and hey while we are in there lets just take the ovaries out too. My husband ballooned to well over 325 lbs. and still growing. Insulin has a way of making you crave stuff a normal person wouldn't touch in a million years, but a diabetic has to have it, can't get enough of it, so their health slowly goes down the drain. We did manage to jump over the infertility lake and fell in the cold water more than once. I had lost 3 babies when I said this is a roller coaster I am not sure I want to be on. When I gave birth to our son I was stunned beyond belief, I couldn't imagine how I, me, us how we created such a being. OH yes he came into this world with a bang, when the doctor did the C section, my son came out screaming and throwing his arms about, he hit the doctor, the scalpel went flying into thin air, I saw it coming back down over the sheeting that was put up to protect me from seeing anything that I couldn't handle.. When it landed it landed on his head, oh yes it did, it cut him just above his eye brow. no stitches required but non the less bleeding. I freaked of course and they wisk him away in a matter of a split second. I then don't see him for the next 9 hours, he left with no name, without me even seeing him, they could of given me any child in the nursery and I would not have been the wiser except that I knew my baby boy had a cut above his eye. I told my husband, don't leave his side, stay with him, no matter what… I didn't mean to leave me for 9 hours, I meant to bring him back, so I could see him, hold him, get to see what he looks like. My husband ran in after 8 hours and said I named him, I said what, what do you mean you named him? I haven't even seen him and yet he has a name. Really… I demanded to see him now, right now, they finally wheel him in and he is amazing, bright navy blue eyes, wrapped tightly like a burrito. I put him in my lap, I take everything off of him, layers of stuff, I wanted to see every inch of this being I made, that took me 13 years to create. He was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. He was given the name Mark Anthony. I thought wow how noble.. What a name to live up to. It fit him though he looked like he could take on that name. (oh yes he is now an actor, singer, stage performer and actually runs a theatre) perfect name i'd say myself, even though I had nothing to do with that. We went on to have two beautiful daughters, the first I named after my doctor because I now had my little baby girls, someone I desired more that life itself. She was a twin, we lost one of the twins in the first trimester. To this day I couldn't imagine two of her, one is more than I can handle.. We then gave her a little sister 3 years later, we named her after my favorite name from a friend in my 5th grade and her fathers grandma Rose.. My kids are all grown up now, working, going to school and driving their parents crazy. I would change a second, well maybe when they get a speeding ticket or something, but for the most part not a second. They are 3 amazing, beautiful, talented kids. Where was I oh yes. I heard about your story on the radio the other day, I felt such a strong hold to your every word, I even sat in my car longer that needed cuz I made it to my location several minutes before you were done talking.. I have no idea why I started so many conversations just now, but when I listened to you, I just wanted you to know a little about me as well. I will forever now read your blog… The above mentioned saying hit home, cause I cry, I am sad about all I go through, but my kids make me smile everyday.. and for that I am thankful.. So thank you for posting that. Kathy

    • says

      Dear Kathy,
      I can't thank you enough for your kind comment and for sharing. I'm so happy to hear that you have a beautiful family and that things are son wonderful for you! Please keep smiling!