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  1. M says

    Like your blog.
    I'm lying sleepless this summer night before my firs chemo. Could not have asked for a better way to prepare. My 4 year old next to me, my husband snooring and my babygirl in her crib and a bucket of ice cream while reading. Yep -from skinny to chubby all between the diagnosis and the chemo. 😉 Thanks to icecream and dark chocolate and take away-lunch due to all the appoinments. Just wants to say – Thanks for writing it the way it is. Because in the midst of it – you smile everyday somehow. Especially with a 4-year old which proclaimed tonight : i Will love you with hair and with crazy no hair. Because mum- it is weird that you Will have no hair like dad and the baby! It still dos not make me want to go to chemo tomorrow but with the "crazy-no hair comment" I Will manage a bit better.