This Weekend: Choose Energy

Choose Energy | The Silver Pen

This weekend, I am focusing on refueling my tank and finding energy.  It has been a long, lonnnnnnng couple of weeks and heaven knows that  I am in dire need of energy.  I’m not an energy shot or caffeine kind of gal (not because I am holier than thou, but because it has never worked for me!).  Some of the things that work best for me include:

  1. Power napping.
  2. Eat regularly (every 2-3 hours). Eating every few hours: blood sugar stability contributing to weight loss and/or weight management, a happier attitude and improved memory
  3. Drink lots of water.  I wish I knew why this worked, but when I am well hydrated, I have more energy.
  4. Laugh.  Laughter is proven to get rid of stress and studies suggest that laughing can also boost energy levels as well!
  5. End every shower with cold water.  You won’t believe how energizing this is!

What are you up to this weekend?  How will you find energy?

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