Happy Autumn! – Percy Bysshe Shelley

Saturday was the first day of Fall!  Yippy Skippy. I looooooove fall…everything about it, from the colors, to the smells to the pumpkins to the food and yes, even the cozy clothes!  It is definitely my Silver Lining season. Hope that it is the same for you!

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  1. Isa says

    Dear H,
    I must confess that my favorite time of the year is Summer, I am heliotropic by nature, so the more sun light the better, which is precisely the reason why I live the Fall season with a lingering sadness, that very soon the days are going to grow shorter and darker, however having said that, I totally agree with you that FALL can be pretty much fun in every category (fashion, food, movies, books) and so on.

    Speaking of tv shows, aren't we just .T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D that Homeland's 2nd season is premiering this upcoming Sunday?