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  1. says

    You are a wonderful photographer! I love how you have so tightly composed these images – they shoot straight to the heart. Sending love and strength. – Lynda

  2. Kim says

    Good to hear you're home & 20% of treatment completed! It's not easy on your own in SF – I'm sure. One day at a time… It helped me to mark off the completed days on the calendar with Huge Exagerated X's!!!! The ones where you almost rip the F'ing paper. It also helped me to visualize the completed days on the calendar as bright,white and clear. As I proceeded, the calendar and my future looked more and more bright. It sounds simple, but creative visualization can really help during the harshest times – and you might already know that!! Take care Hollye


  3. Melissa says

    Dear Hollye – Thinking of you on this beautiful, quiet morning as the kids continue to sleep. Love, love that quote and am so inspired that you post so many positives thoughts and images as you write about your treatments. You have incredible strength and wisdom! Good luck with the week ahead. Much love, Melissa