Snowflakes by Andrew Osokin

Now that we have relocated from the Midwest to sunny, beautiful and warm (don’t kill me!) California, I don’t see nearly as many snowflakes as I used to. Though I miss them, I don’t miss them that much!  Since it snowed in my beloved Chicago this week, I thought I’d share a Silver Lining of snowflakes.

Recently I came across Andrew Osokin‘s images of snowflakes. Wowsy. They are amazing.  Osokin is a Russian photographer based in Moscow who obviously has a lot of opportunities to see snowflakes. Using a 60/90mm macro lens and his Nikon D90, Andrew has an incredible gallery of nearly 500 photographs on the Russian photosite There you will find not only close-ups of snowflakes but amazing captures of water droplets and insects.  In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy these photos. His detail is absolutely phenomena’s!


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