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  1. Angela says

    Hello Hollye,

    I'm not sure what "path" led me to your website, however I have rarely read a personal story (I went back to the very beginning blogs) written with such grace, charm, and feisty "fight". You have shared an extraordinary gift with women who have experienced breast cancer, as well as with those of us who have not.
    I try to live with three guiding beacons: courage, compassion, and a sense of play, and hope they will serve me whenever life "strikes" like a pie in the face! Your journey appears to have activated all three of those beacons.
    I wish you well, and want you to know that your "voice" and delightfully combative spirit are both inspirational and "a soft place to fall".

    • says

      Thank you so much for your note, Angela. I'm laughing at the pie-in-the-face image. That's EXACTLY what it felt like! I am deeply appreciative of your kind words. Thank you!