The One Reason it Will Work

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For some reason, I’ve been hearing “that won’t work” or “there’s no way that’s going to happen.” Geesh! Not sure from where this negativity is coming, but I don’t like it and am sure to meet it with the philosophy: “Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will.” I’m choosing to focus on the ONE reason!

The thing about negative energy is that it can be sticky — in the same way that the little boy from A Christmas Carol got his tongue stuck to the post.

A Christmas Story Tongue Image | TheSilverPen.comUnfortunately, it can be easy – too easy – to get mired in the negative. However, many times all it takes is one – just one! – positive to believe that something WILL work!

Oh and if you do ever get your tongue stuck to a frozen pole, here’s ONE way to get it unstuck (because all you really need is one reason!):

  1. Breathe onto the pole. The moisture and heat of your breath will melt the frozen water that is sticking your tongue to the pole.
  2. Take your finger, and put it in your mouth in order to get your finger wet. Now rub the part of your tongue that is stuck to the pole, and it will come off in no-time.

Pleases don’t ask me how I know.


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