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  1. Laura Levy says

    Dear Holly,
    I just spent 2 hours reading, in detail, The Silver Pen. We've met on a couple of occasions during, "fashion" related soirees and yet have never had the chance to really talk, and that's OK. But today, after reading your story, I felt such emotion, probably because of my aging mother, that I felt compelled to write. Your lives are so different, yet, so alike. My mother, has started to have a difficult time walking & standing for the first time, due to issues with her back. I know her frustration, yet she will never let anyone see her pain.
    Every morning when she wakes up, she's in miserable pain, yet when she walks into the room, only her beautiful, BIG SMILE, is what you see! Without going on and on, this is what I have observed with you, BIG SMILES! You are a beautiful, strong women who was dealt a rotten hand, yet you have fought it with gusto! KUDOS, to you and your loving family. Laura Levy.