To Live in Hearts – Thomas Campbell

Today is an incredibly sad day. A very dear friend of mine is dying from an absolutely horrific form of cancer. She is in her early 40’s with the most amazing husband and phenomenal (young) children. My heart and mind are with them today.

There truly are no words (excepts the ones below) to describe my profound sadness.

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  1. Stacey S. Davis says

    I lost my husband to a motor cycle accident in 1996, at first I drank really bad and done drugs and lived a very risky life, but im proud to say that 5 years ago, GOD spoke to ma and said its time to stop, are your gonna die, well I scared me to death. I stopped everything and went to my precious Mother and told her what had happen and that I had to DT, so for the next couple of months I lived with her and she nourished me just like a child, she prayed with me, took me to dr, took care of everything for me and today b/c of my Mother and GOD, im alive and drug and alcohol free, I have depression most of the time, but im trying so hard to overcome it, I am an LPN, but my license are not active, I have to get them back active so I can go to work. O, another thing, I lost my best friend in 2011, she was my first cousin also, and like a sister, so that kinda brought me back to point one, im having to redo all the steps I had taken, but GOD is giving me strength, also, I need my gall bladder out and I have a large hernia on my left side, beside my stomach. Yal i know im blowing your minds but I also have to have a hysterectomy and im in the process of getting my top teeth pulled and getting dentures. SO IF ANYONE CAN FIND THE TIME TO PRAY FOR ME, I WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED AND GOD WILL BLESS YOU ENORMOUSLY….THANK YOU, I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE IF ANYONE WANTS TO TALK ARE JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE….THANKS STACEY S. DAVIS

  2. says

    I,m not sure how I came to your site,pushed the right button,I guess.Eight years ago I lost my dearest friend to cancer.She comes to see me as a beautiful hummingbird in the summer.Her husband ,who was also a dear friend passed three years before her.Sometimes there are two hummers at the same time.We say that they are still together.I miss them.There is a hole in my heart where they were.We spent her last few days deciding how I would know her and she said ,if she could, she would be a hummingbird.So many people pass from cancer,it is so sad they can,t find a cure.I keep saying, stop building bombs and find a cure for cancer.I rambel on.

    • says

      Welcome, Joyce. So glad you're here. I love the story about the hummingbirds. A girlfriend and I always see her "Mom" on hikes in the form of a bluebird. Such beautiful imagery. Thank you!

  3. says

    Thanks so very much, Megan! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your note. Thank you so much for sharing The Silver Pen with your patients. All my best to you. Hollye

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    I lost three friends in their forties last year along with my mother-in-law, all due to you know what. My heart goes out to you, your friend, and her family.

    Love you,

  5. says

    I found this blog on Kiss the Groom. I thought it was incredible. I volunteer for the American Cancer Society for a program called look good feel better. I am a cosmetologist and wanted to try and share some of my knowledge of how to feel beautiful with people who at the moment feel anything but that. The thing I didn't expect was to find out was that the beauty I see after we have made them up and done their scarves or wigs isn't their makeup. It's their smiles and sweet hearts. Your blog is wonderful and I cannot wait to share it with those patients. My heart goes out to your friend and her family.
    My prayers go out
    Megan Clouse

  6. Diane says

    Beyond sad to hear this news. Thinking of your friend and her family….
    This reminds me of losing my step-sister.
    Your quote as always sums up the emotions we all feel
    at such a loss.

  7. Debby says

    This quote is so true. My husband left this world 12 years ago this Saturday (from cancer at the age of 45) and every day since then I have felt that he walks beside me – only in a different way. If possible, I love him even more today than I did then. Please, please tell your friend that her love will always remain.