Walt Disney: Getting Started

Walt Disney: Getting Started

Can you imagine if Walt Disney only talked about his wondrous ideas of creating the happiest place on earth?!? There would be no Disneyland, no Disneyworld, no Mickey, no Minnie!! And that, my friends, would be just plain terrible.

I happen to believe that we have a LOT to learn from Mr. Disney. It is so easy tell myself that I am going to eat healthier, work less, read more.  It’s even easy to call a girlfriend and tell her my plans.  But the thing of it is that telling myself and others doesn’t make them happen. It is the DOING that is the key. So, today I’m focused on doing each and every one of these things that I just told you that I am going to do.

Just like Walt Disney, I hope that you will go and make your Silver Linings happen!

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    I LOVE THIS QUOTE!!! I've been talking about doing a full marathon for YEARS. I've run halfs, learned how to swim at the ripe old age of 41 and have done two triathlons now but the full…it was always so daunting to me. well last week, gulp, I registered for my first (and possibly only) one. like you said stop talking and start doing! I'll never know until I try. my first training run is this weekend! wish me luck!