Winds of March


When I lived in Chicago, March was always my favorite month of the year because it symbolized spring and gave me hope that the long winter would end. Every year I was quite delusional because winter doesn’t end in Chicago until sometimes June.

March is still my favorite, Silver Lined month because in Santa Barbara, flowers and trees are blooming and the grass is as green as in Ireland. I hope that wherever you live that this month makes you as happy as it does me and is, of course, full of Silver Linings!

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  1. E.B. says

    I love this month, brings back memories of my Mom and Grandmom going into Major Cleaning Mode, probably because of the winds, and the house being sparkling clean and ready for Spring and Easter festivities. I run true to form, March arrives and I start dusting and scrubbing. One year, after my Mom had gone to Heaven, my sister came over to help me "Spring clean." She took the doors off all the closets, took them outside to hose down … and washed the paint clean off! I'd painted them with regular latex paint one long winter weekend. To this day I laugh at the memory of her face when that paint started peeling off. Priceless.

  2. Kim C says

    Thank goodness for the promise of spring! Being delusional about Chicago's March weather is what I like to call Healthy Denial! hahahah
    Happy Sunday!

  3. says

    For you Spring has sprung; ours is yet to come.

    For you in Santa Barbara March signals Spring, for me in Omaha it is April, and when I lived in Minnesota, May; and yes I agree with you that in Chicago it could be June. heehee

    Happy Spring Everyone!