Missing and Remembering Joe Nye

Joe Nye, TheSilverPen.comWhile we were on vacation, I received an email from a friend saying, “I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but our beloved Joe Nye died.”  I can’t begin to tell you how hard I have taken his death. He was one of my all-time favorite people. To say that he had a colorful personality was the understatement of the year. He was an avid reader of The Silver Pen and several times a week, I received lively and humorous emails from him with comments on different blog posts.

He was not only incredibly talented, but also hysterically funny, witty, charming, smart, capable, and impeccable with his word. Yes, impeccable. He did EXACTLY what he said he was going to do when he says he said he was going to do it. Oh, and he had the best manners you’ve ever seen. Oh, AND he was named one of America’s top 100 Designers by House Beautiful!

I was so thrilled when he published his first book, Flair: Exquisite Invitations, Lush Flowers, and Gorgeous Table Settings, last year because it was a wonderful opportunity to share his talents with the world.

Joe Nye, TheSilverPen.com

Thanks to Joe’s insistence (I mean encouragement) I now use our fancy china and silver (that belonged to my grandparents) at least once a week because as he said, “it adds a little refinement and elegance to the everyday.” This is exactly what Joe added to my life – refinement and elegance – which is why he will continue to live on in my heart.

Here are some of my favorite images of Joe’s work:

Joe Nye, TheSilverPen.comJoe Nye, TheSilverPen.com

Joe Nye, TheSilverPen.comJoe Nye, TheSilverPen.comJoe Nye, TheSilverPen.comJoe Nye, TheSilverPen.com

Joe Nye, TheSilverPen.comJoe Nye, TheSilverPen.com

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  1. Lee Ann Wyatt says

    Hollye, I worked for Joe for 4 years and remember when you started "The Silver Pen". Joe was so proud of you and shared your Blog with so, so many of his friends and clients. I remember he would read me things he would write you that were just so witty & funny! You were one of his all time favorite friends and clients and he so loved you. I too have taken his death very hard! I feel like a piece of my heart has been broken & I will miss him everyday for the rest of my life. Just thought you would want to know how very much Joe cared & loved you and considered you such a dear friend! Thinking of you……

    • says

      Oh my gosh, Lee Ann. THANK YOU so much for your kind note. I couldn't agree more about the broken heart. Thank you so very much for sharing this with me. It means the world to me!

  2. says

    My sympathy to you on the loss of your very dear friend, Joe Nye.

    What a lovely greeting he had for you, "Darling Holls".

    I can well see by his book and designs that he had exquisite style and flair.

    The world he inhabited will miss the refinement he added.

  3. Dana Jenkins says

    Joe Nye was such a loyal and true friend. When he liked you, he adored you and made you feel like you were the nicest, cleverest and prettiest person in the room. He had more taste and style in his little finger than all of the HB Top 100 put together.
    Whenever I saw him he would say "Hello Cupcake" and it always made my day. The world will be a lot less chic now that he's gone and so many people will be a lot sadder as well.

    • says

      He sure was, Dana. You are so right about how – IF he liked you! – he made you feel.
      Love his salutation of you. He called me "Darling Holls". I miss him so very much. Thanks for writing!