Nyad Swim

Diana Nyad | The Silver Pen

Nyad Swim

Did you hear the A-MA-ZING news that Diana Nyad successfully – valiantly! – swam 110 miles (110, folks!) from Cuba to the United States?  Yep. She did it 53 hours after setting off from Cuba. She was the first person ever to do this without the benefit of a shark cage (this distance has only been conquered one previous time, by a 22-year-old Australian named Susie Maroney, who used the protective cage when she accomplished this feat in 1997).

Despite the fact that Diana faced sharks, storms, jellyfish, and other unimaginable terrors, she just kept right on swimming. All she had was the power of her arms and legs (sans fins!), and a prosthetic mask to minimize jellyfish stings to her face and mouth.

Oh…& by the way, Diana is 64 years old!

This was her fifth attempt in 35 years to make this journey. Talk about a courageous inspiration. She never – ever! – gave up. We can all learn from this amazing philosophy.

Upon finishing she said:

I have three messages:

One is, we should never, ever give up.

Two is, you’re never too old to chase your dream.

Three is, it looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team.

Here are some photos from this historic event.

Diana Nyad | The Silver PenDiana Nyad | The Silver PenDiana Nyad | The Silver Pen

If you want a little extra inspiration, here is Diana’s TED talk. Wowsy.


Photo credit: Andy Newman.

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  1. Catherine Reidy says

    Hi Hollye!
    I am over joyed to have come upon your blog! I read about your award from SMC in "The Courier", this afternoon. Congratulations,on your award! I too, graduated from SMC, my degree was a BSN. I now work as a Nurse Navigator with women fighting breast cancer. I love your blog, your emotion, and educational pieces are brilliant. I look forward to directing some of my ladies to your blog.
    Have a lovely evening,

    • says

      Hello, Catherine! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful note. I sure do appreciate it! It's always such a Silver Lining to connect with fellow Saint Mary's ladies!

  2. Carolee Groux says

    Hurrah for Diana Nyad! I have followed her attempts over the past 35 years. Her persistence to attain her goal, her stamina, her courage, are to be congratulated. Hers is a real accomplishment at any age, let alone at 64 years. I am so happy for her; and she sets an example and a challenge for women to never give up. I am so proud that it was Diana, a woman, who accomplished this 110 mile swim in 53 hours. Also the Australian swimmer, Susie Maroney, another woman, accomplished this swim in 1997 but with a protective cage. Women rule!