Return To Yourself by John O’Donohue


Yet another poem has been handed to me on a Silver Lined platter. The perfect timing of these poems continues to amaze (and maybe even baffle) me!  One thing I know for sure is that they are definitely Silver Linings…& I feel so grateful for them.

After I posted a poem earlier this week, a wise friend emailed me to (brilliantly!) say that:

Poems are merely the gaps between our thoughts unleashed in meter to take on all comers, big and small.  Golith in scope their content refreshes  us from our prima facie lives with an impolite viewpoint based on such gaps of reality. -VK



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  1. Kim C says

    I love this poem very much. It speaks to me too. Thank you Hollye. I needed it this week. I had a few set backs healthwise but I'm doing okay now. This poem really says it all about my past week….. and yours too I suspect.