Poetry Series: Pablo Neruda


In my fast-paced over-thinking life prior to FBC, I never had the time or the patience to appreciate and enjoy poetry. However, the Silver Lining is that poetry…beautiful, soul-searching, enchanting, eye-popping, inspirational poetry began coming into my life from the time of my diagnosis and keeps on showing up (Silver Lining).

The truth of the matter is that I was quite scarred by a gnarly high school teacher who gave me a scathing grade on a report that I did on a poem. I remember the incident so vividly, in part because I was not used to (or accepting of!) subpar grades. Additionally, her comments were so vehement that my ego received a nasty one-two punch. I remember at the time wondering, “How do YOU know what the (deceased) poet meant?” However, in high school, I was the “good Catholic girl” who never dared question authority and was always expected to wear a smile. As a consequence, I subsequently gave the answer that the teacher wanted to get the grade that I wanted. Ohhhh, how Sweetly Six’s life will (hopefully!) differ.

From the time of my diagnosis, poetry has ignited a beautiful fire in my life. It is helping me change the way I see myself and the world around me, which is the ultimate Silver Lining. I hope that you enjoy this new series!

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    It is wonderful that the mean teacher you had did not destroy your love of poetry, criticizing your interpretation like she did. Words, especially poetry, can speak to each of us differently. She did not give you due acknowledgement for your creative thoughts. Shame on her!
    I also had a teacher who embarrassed me in front of the whole class when she told me to go to the blackboard to solve this equation. When I failed to get it right she said, "you really aren't so deserving of the grades you're given". That was so demeaning and hurtful. But I must add that she is not remembered kindly by any of her students. So I was not the only "victim" of her mean streak. To this day I do not consider myself any good at mathematics. It may, or may not have stemmed from this incident. Thank goodness it wasn't a comment about my language or reading skills. Because I love reading, novels and poetry.

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      Thanks for your note, Carolee. That mean teacher didn't destroy it. Ironically it was the equally mean FBC that brought it back into my life!
      What an awful experience you had. Wow. So sorry to hear it!
      What are you reading now? Do you have any favorite poems?