Olympic Inspiration: Jake Gibb


This weekend, the HOTY and I had a great time watching Americans Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal beat the Russians in Beach Volleyball at the Olympics.

Jake Gibb is a two-time Olympian, by the way. We learned that his journey to these Olympic Games has been a difficult one. Why? Well because since the last Olympics, Gibb’s had testicular cancer while dealing with the birth of his second child before the 2011 qualifying events. Oh and he also had a bout with mela-f-bomb-noma. Can you even imagine? No, I couldn’t either!

Thanks to some good news, and a lot of support from his family and friends, Gibb has turned a negative into a Silver Lining as he made his way through the illness and on to London and the Olympic Games…where he and Sean keep on winning. Goosebumps, for sure!

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