Friday Photos: The Tutu Project

The Tutu Project

Many, if not most people have heard of The Tutu Project. If not, please allow me to introduce you to this extraordinary project. The mission is “to support the fund raising efforts of The Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer. We strive to bring laughter and understanding to a community that has endured far too much.” How great is that?!?

The Tutu Project™ began in 2003 as a lark when Bob Carey started photographing himself in a pink tutu. Even Bob says, “pretty crazy, right?”

The back story is that ten years ago Bob and his wife, Linda, moved to the East Coast. Six months after the move, Linda, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it, only to have it recur in 2006. During these past nine years, he has been in awe of her power, her beauty, and her spirit. Oddly enough, her cancer has taught them that life is good, dealing with it can be hard, and sometimes the very best thing—no, the only thing—we can do to face another day is to laugh at ourselves, and share a laugh with others.

Talk about a Silver Lining! 

The Tutu Project | The Silver PenThe Tutu Project | The Silver Pen

Last September, through the sale of prints, Linda and Bob self-published a book called Ballerina. Not only is it a collection of his tutu images, but also shares many humorous stories about the adventures of a guy and his pink tulle.

Linda made it her goal to raise funds for women and their families who need financial support during their breast cancer journey. To help make her dream a reality, net proceeds from the sale of Ballerina will go directly to The Carey Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that they established in 2012. There are so many expenses not covered by insurance and they are able to help with transportation to doctor appointments; wigs; lymphedema sleeves; childcare and counseling. To help distribute the funds they have partnered with CancerCare, a nationally run non-profit.

The Tutu Project | The Silver Pen the-tutu-project-bob-carey-9 the-tutu-project-bob-carey-10The Tutu Project | The Silver PenI hope that you have enjoyed these images as much as I have. It warms my heart to know that there are such good people putting such good into the world, especially in light of such a devastating diagnosis. This, my friends, is the ultimate Silver Lining!

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  1. E.B. says

    Sitting here laughing and crying at the same time. A friend was diagnosed this week with FBC. Have forwarded your blog to her. I believe laughter is one of the very best medicines, along with a positive attitude (which, bless her, she has, along with a rocking sense of humor and a truly wonderful HOTY). You and your blog rock, Miss Hollye!

    • silverpen says

      So sorry to hear about your friend, E.B. So very sorry. She has a great and wonderful friend in YOU. Please let me know if I can help her in any way!