Weekend Inspiration

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Hope you’ve had a great week. Where has it gone, by the way? My oh my oh my. One minute I’m schvitzing in New York – it was HOTHOTHOT! – and the next minute I’m doing a promotional video for the book and the next minute on another airplane coming home. Coming home has definitely been the Silver Lining of the week. Without a doubt.

This weekend requires some nap time. When I get tired, I have a tendency to run into walls and drop things. Case in point: today, I was so tired that just before entering Suddenly Seven’s classroom, I managed to drop the entire veggie tray that I promised to her teacher. Oh yes I did. Carrots everywhere. One of the boys in the class said, “Well. That was a surprise.” Indeed it was. But, as we picked up the carrots, we looked for the Silver Linings: like feeding the squirrels and bunnies and composting the rest.

So, this weekend, I wish you (and me!!) sunshine, naps, exercise, conversation, beautiful, peaceful silence…and of course Silver Linings.

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