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How Exercise Aids Cancer Treatment

How Exercise Aids Cancer Treatment

Though I think that common sense probably tells us that exercise aids cancer treatment (heaven knows that I felt better when I did restorative yoga or took walks when I was sick), but when there is science behinds something…well, then it REALLY seems to matter.

Mark W. Dewhirst, the Gustavo S. Montana Professor of Radiation Oncology at Duke University School of Medicine has recently conducted a study involving the effects of aerobic excercise on breast cancer tumors. The study was conducted on mice and resulted in a major Silver Lining! The results showed that aerobic exercise slowed the growth of breast cancer tumors in mice and made the cancer tumors more sensitive to chemotherapy. This tells us that there is a possibility that exercise may change the biology of some maligant tumors by making them potentially easier to treat.

How you ask? Well, scientists have known for awhile that tumors have the ability to  create their own ecosystem within ...

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Death with Dignity: Brittany Maynard Dies on Her Own Terms

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Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

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"Let's Talk" Dense Breasts Event

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Exciting Announcement from the Dr Susan Love Research Foundation

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The Silver Lining on Good Morning America!

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Wonderful Wacoal

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Study Places Doubt on the Value of Mammograms

Study Places Doubt on the Value of Mammograms You may have heard about the study (published in the British Medical Journal on Tuesday)   and reported... continue reading

Trying to Figure Out Your Insurance? The Cancer Insurance Checklist Will Help!

Cancer Insurance Checklist Today I’m excited to share with you a tool (you know how I love tools!) that WILL help you navigate the world... continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Are you wondering why gobs of buildings are illuminated pink…and why there is a proliferation of pink ribbons every (f-bomb) where?... continue reading

Navigating the Healthcare System from a Cancer Diagnosis and Beyond

Navigating the Healthcare System from Cancer Diagnosis and Beyond Discovering that you have cancer is a life-rocking event. Understatement of the decade, I know. However,... continue reading

Cancer Survivors in Focus at the CDC

Cancer Survivors in Focus at the CDC If you are anywhere near Atlanta, I highly recommend a visit to the David J. Sencer CDC Museum... continue reading

New ASCO Guidelines Recommending Aromasin to Lower Risk of Breast Cancer in High-Risk Postmenopausal Women

On July 8th, 2013, The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) released new guidelines recommending the horomonal therapy medicine Aromasin to lower the breast cancer... continue reading

Guest Post from Lisa Bonchek Adams: I Just Want

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The Power of Pain

Though being diagnosed with FBC (f-bomb breast cancer) Rocked. My. World., one Silver Lining is that (as a nurse and social worker) the experience gave me a... continue reading

The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara with Sansum Clinic Gala

  The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara with Sansum Clinic Gala Last week, I had the great honor and privilege of speaking at the Cancer Center... continue reading

C California Style Magazine + Dream Foundation = Compassion is always in fashion

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A Must See Video - My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech

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World Ovarian Cancer Day

May 8th, is the first-ever World Ovarian Cancer Day. According to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the day is dedicated to raising awareness about ovarian cancer,... continue reading

Guest Post from Lisa Bonchek Adams: Expiration Date

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National Take-Back Drug Initiative

On Saturday, September 27th (from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has scheduled National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. WTF is it, you ask?... continue reading

A Study

Teaching is one of the great joys in my life. I love nothing – absolutely nothing – more than a room full of students eager... continue reading

Women's Studies Conference

Today I am in South Dakota State University speaking at their Women’s Studies Conference. I am super excited about this opportunity.  If you happen to... continue reading

F.R.E.E. is a Four-Letter Word

You all know how helpful dropping f-bombs has been during my experience with FBC, right?  Well, recently I came across another (much more fabulous!) “F”... continue reading

Preparing for Hospice

As many of you know, prior to my FBC diagnosis, I was a hospice nurse. In my career, I have worked with both children and... continue reading

World Cancer Day + Everyday Health

Did you know that today is “World Cancer Day“? WTF is it, you ask? Well, so did I. Turns out, it’s a really great initiative.... continue reading

Second Opinions During F-Bomb Cancer

I am a big — humongous — believer in getting second opinions. There is no better or more important time in your life to have... continue reading

World Hospice Day

As you may recall, for the past 12+ years, I have been both an adult and pediatric hospice nurse. Hospice is one of the great... continue reading

Dr. Google

Upon my dear friend’s diagnosis of a very rare form of cancer my first reaction wasn’t, “Oh no!” or even an f-bomb. The first thing... continue reading

October is National (F-bomb) Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Are you wondering why gobs of buildings are illuminated pink…and why there is a proliferation of pink ribbons every (f-bomb) where?  Well, it is because... continue reading

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

On Saturday, September 29th (from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has scheduled National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. WTF is it,... continue reading

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month? For those of you who know people who have or who have had ovarian cancer,... continue reading

The Cancer (Non)Counselor

Last week, I heard the most absurd, disturbing, and almost almost comical (if it were not so  outrageously ridiculous) story. The day before my Girlfriend... continue reading

How to Be A Friend to Someone At the End Of Life

Having been a hospice nurse for the last 12+ years, I know how to be with someone at the end of life from a clinical perspective.... continue reading

Magnificent Mandalas

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The Project LEAD Institute & The National Breast Cancer Coalition

Last week, I had the most phenomenal learning experience at the Project LEAD® Institute. LEAD stands for Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development. The Institute is a is a five-day... continue reading

Exercise to Prevent FBC

This summer, the NCI (National Cancer Institute) Cancer Center News released a story about a study done at The University of North Carolina that found... continue reading

FBC Statistics

Hope you have had a beautiful, restful and rejuvenating weekend. On Sunday, I took the most glorious train ride from Santa Barbara to La Jolla.... continue reading

Oncology + Palliative Care = Winning Team

Right after my FBC diagnosis (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers), my husband and I had an information gathering week. After a series of diagnostic... continue reading

Night Shift S**t

In the last month or so, I keep coming across articles related to the study released last month suggesting that nurses who work the night... continue reading

YES on Prop 29: Cut Health Care Costs, Spur the Economy -- and (hopefully!) Cure Cancer

Below is a Huffington Post article that I co-wrote with Sherry Lansing and Dr. Kristiina Vuori about a very interesting and unique opportunity for California... continue reading

Myths about F-bomb Breast Cancer

Nearly everyday, I am asked questions about breast cancer. What amazes me is the omnipresent myths and assumptions (there are soooo many!) made about the... continue reading

Livestrong Letter

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Today, you may be receiving a letter from me on behalf of LIVESTRONG in support of their  Community Impact Project.  I... continue reading Blogging!

Hi Everyone! Fun news: I am starting to blog for I’m super excited about it. is a wonderfully Silver Lined source of vital information…as... continue reading

Proactive Prevention

Last week, I had the great opportunity to hear a talk given by Dr. Marisa Weiss, a breast cancer oncologist and president and founder of... continue reading

Relaxation During Cancer Treatment

I know that it will not come as a surprise when I say that cancer and its treatment can be stressful for people with cancer... continue reading

4th Cancerversary: The Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Four years ago today, I was diagnosed with FBC, known to many of you as f-bomb breast cancer. Today is a day of great reflection... continue reading

Reduced-fee and Free Breast Cancer Screening

Reduced-fee and Free Breast Cancer Screening On a radio show last week in Chicago, I was asked about reduced-fee or free resources for breast and... continue reading

What to Expect at a Breast Biopsy

What to Expect at a Breast Biopsy A dear friend was on her way to a breast biopsy this morning and text’d me saying that... continue reading

How to Break the News of a Cancer Diagnosis

How to Break the News of a Cancer Diagnosis Well, yet another friend has been diagnosed with f-bomb cancer. I swear, it is everywhere. In addition... continue reading

Study Places Doubt on the Value of Mammograms

Study Places Doubt on the Value of Mammograms You may have heard about the study (published in the British Medical Journal on Tuesday)   and reported... continue reading

Being Your Own Patient Advocate

Being Your Own Patient Advocate Today I had the great pleasure of giving a speech at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a quick... continue reading

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

It is important for each and every one of us to know the symptoms of breast cancer. Why, you ask?  Well, I think that at... continue reading

The Silver Lining Philosophy after a Diagnosis of Cancer

For long-time readers, I hope that you will indulge me as I write about the Silver Lining philosophy after my diagnosis of cancer, specifically f-bomb... continue reading

How to Read Blood Test Results

Prior to every chemotherapy treatment and now every appointment with my oncologist, I have to get a blood test. Why, you ask?  Well, blood tests,... continue reading

Role Reversal

Learning how to rely on people when I had FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers) was a brutal learning curve. As a nurse and... continue reading

Breast Cancer in Men. Yes, Sir.

Although rare (1 in 100 diagnoses), men can indeed get FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers). Though it’s rare, I’ve known quite a few... continue reading

The Nuts and Bolts of Breast Cancer Staging

Hearing a diagnosis of FBC (f-bomb breast cancer) is an earth shattering and mind blowing experience all wrapped up in a box of disbelief. Less... continue reading

Tumor Markers

The tumor marker test sends an icy chill down my spine. Why? Well, just look at the name. It is as advertised. My girlfriend who... continue reading

The Load

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s,... continue reading


The period of time when you are waiting for a diagnosis is brutal. Everything about it. Waiting for my diagnosis of FBC (f-bomb breast cancer... continue reading

After the Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Now What?

Diagnosis: DONE. Next steps: Information gathering and making a PLAN. The Husband and I are planners. Good planners. After a weekend of diagnosis digestion, we... continue reading

The Silver Pen Beginnings

The inspiration for the The Silver Pen (formerly known as is to document my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and oftentimes hilarious journey through, with,... continue reading

Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery

Last night, I received an email alert from the New York Times with an article entitled, “Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery.” My first... continue reading

Mastectomy vs. Lumpectomy

  Recently, I came across a fantastic article about choosing between having a mastectomy versus a lumpectomy for early FBC.  Making any one of the... continue reading

Let's Talk About Sex (During Cancer Treatment), Baby

Let’s Talk About Sex (During Cancer Treatment), Baby In the midst of a cancer diagnosis, treatment, or recovery, intimacy can easily slip to the bottom... continue reading

Clothes Shopping Post-Mastectomy - It's the Junior High Locker Room All Over Again!

Clothes Shopping Post-Mastectomy – It’s the Junior High Locker Room All Over Again! Here’s something that I didn’t expect (and that no one tells you... continue reading

How to Prepare for Surgery

One of my dear readers was unfortunately diagnosed with FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers). She is having surgery in the next couple of... continue reading

The Girlfriend's Guide to Constipation Relief

There is nothing – absolutely nothing! – like being constipated after surgery. Oh dear heavens is it ever wretched. (Unfortunately!) I’ve had to walk several... continue reading

The Angelina Jolie Mastectomy Factor

The Angelina Jolie Mastectomy Last week was a full-ON Angelia Jolie kind of week. Because so many people have asked my opinion about her decision... continue reading

Guest Post: Not Just Another Body Part

Today, I am really excited to share a guest post by my colleague and friend, Dr. Betsy Bates Freed. In addition to being a clinical... continue reading

Breast Cancer Pre-Surgery Care Package

Several times every week, people ask me: What can I do for my sister/mother/friend who is having a mastectomy? Enough people have asked that I... continue reading

Life's Great Metaphor

Last week, my plastic surgeon gave me the great and glorious news that I (finally!) could start jogging again – slowly.  That was absolute music... continue reading

Report on The Girls

As of today, I am three weeks out from my surgery.  I saw my plastic surgeon today and he is thrilled with the results (Silver... continue reading

The New Girls in Town

For 3 days after my surgery, my new “breasts” (it still feels weird to call them that because they aren’t real breasts, so from here on... continue reading

Another Recovery Road

Hi Everyone!  I’m back!  Thanks to the HOTY for posting yesterday…and for taking such good care of me – AGAIN. Wowsy. Bowsy. Am I ever... continue reading

One Last Time

I usually like going back to familiar places, restaurants, hotels etc. Something about the comfort of knowing your way around, etc. So when we walked... continue reading

Silicone or Saline: That is the Question!

As I have learned, recovery from FBC comes in stages (tsunami waves may be a more appropriate description for me). The next step on my... continue reading

The Image of Success

Over the past few weeks, my right Lady Lump (i.e., my post-FBC new “breast”) has had intermittent sharp pains. Between the sharp pains, I have... continue reading

Post Surgical Booby Report

Yesterday was another SL (Silver Lined) day.  With my new Silver Lining Seeking Syndrome, finding SL’s gets easier and easier every day. I had check up appointments... continue reading

Lady Lumps

Many people have asked me what my Lady Lumps (no one knows what to call them…so, I prefer this term) “feel like.” Well, as you... continue reading


This was a SL (silver lining) weekend:  The Husband and I walked Buzz on legitimate walks, saw some friends, took 4 3/4 to the children’s... continue reading

Brookside Beauty

Today has been a beautiful and great SL (silver lining) day.  Today, The Husband and I took Buzz on a walk along the ocean front.... continue reading

P & P Positive Post

Great SL Day! We now have a POSITIVE inverse relationship between the P & P (from previous post). YIPPPPEEEEEE!

P & P Update

This is going to sound nuts, but FBC is almost completely of my realm of thinking right now.  Truly.  My life now revolves around  pain... continue reading

Silver Lining Booby Report

F-Bomb. One of the many challenges of navigating the healthcare world is that there are a trillion, no, make that a gazillion of decisions to... continue reading

Pain, Pain and More Pain After Double Mastectomy

Pain After Double Mastectomy It’s time to post about the surgical pain from the mastectomy  (i.e., double booby amputation!) and reconstruction. I say that “it’s... continue reading

Booby Report and Moxibustion

Yesterday, I had another checkup with my plastic surgeon (how many times can I reiterate how outlandish it feels to refer to “my” plastic surgeon?).... continue reading

Boobies and other Body Parts

I can only hope that you all had as glorious a start to your day as I had to mine.  After being startled out of... continue reading

Jackson Pratt Drains + SL

Tonight’s post is a clinical one…with a SL (silver lining), of course. One of the post-surgical components of a double mastectomy & reconstruction is a... continue reading

The (Great!) Booby Report

Thanks so much for all of your kind notes, good wishes, and fabulous humor.  It has been an hellaciously long week, but I have great... continue reading

Thursday 2 days post op.

She’s still recovering and trying to catch up on sleep. This is very very tough on her, and she is strong.  Some tubes coming out,... continue reading

Morning after report. 8:30am pst

Not a good night. Doctors did not stay ahead of her pain by ordering continuous pain medicine thru her IV.Unnecessary pain, ironic since there are... continue reading

In Her Room

She is in her room and resting. Groggy, nurses coming in and out checking things, co2 monitor beeping, falling in and out of sleep, then... continue reading

Seeing Her

Just saw her for the first time, what a relief, she’s groggy from the drugs and asked for ice chips, but it’s her, with her... continue reading

Surgery complete

She came out of surgery approx 12:30pm local time. In the recovery room for a couple hours and then will be transferred to a room.... continue reading

Husband Update 11am pst

First part of surgery complete, about 2 and a half hours left to go for the reconstruction part. Dr. Giuliano said he did need to... continue reading

Husband Post from Hospital

Woke up at 4:30am to be at the hospital by 5am. Sat in registration area for an hour and a half, went looking for coffee at... continue reading

Pre-surgical Booby Report

Morning! Surgery is scheduled for 7:00 am.  Right now (at 6:00 am, after arriving at 5:00 am), I’m sitting on the floor of the pre-registration... continue reading

Booby Removal and Reconstruction

Dear Friends, November 9th. Tuesday. Tomorrow.  It’s here. We will be dragging ourselves out of our slumber at 4:30 am to get to the hospital... continue reading

Relaxation During Cancer Treatment

I know that it will not come as a surprise when I say that cancer and its treatment can be stressful for people with cancer... continue reading

Helpful Hot Flash Hints

Helpful Hot Flash Hints For those of you who have experienced (naturally occurring or chemo-induced) menopause, you know exactly what I mean when I say... continue reading

Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy

Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy After my taking Taxol, I experienced something called neuropathy. It is yet another example of the collateral damage that chemo does in its... continue reading

Let's Talk About Sex (During Cancer Treatment), Baby

Let’s Talk About Sex (During Cancer Treatment), Baby In the midst of a cancer diagnosis, treatment, or recovery, intimacy can easily slip to the bottom... continue reading

Nail Care During Chemotherapy

Nail Care During Chemotherapy One of the things that I really wish that I had been prepared for during chemo treatment was the havoc that... continue reading

Chemo Mouth During Cancer Treatment

Chemo Mouth During Cancer Treatment Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to be on the Health News: NPR morning segment. It was great fun to discuss one... continue reading

Safety During Chemotherapy Treatment

Safety During Chemotherapy Treatment This week, I heard an absolutely heart-breaking, tear inducing, mind-numbing story involving a person who had just finished a chemo treatment.... continue reading

Chemo Wigs: How to Buy Them During Chemotherapy

One of my chemo wigs. I named this one “Nataska”. Please don’t ask me why. I was in the middle of chemo! Shortly after my... continue reading

Endurance During Cancer Treatment

As I am training (or attempting to train) for a half marathon in May, I am working on building my endurance. Some days are better... continue reading

The Funk Zone: Coping with Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

After my 4th round of chemotherapy, I went into what I now refer to as The Funk Zone. Right after that 4th dose, I bought... continue reading

When a Parent Has Cancer

For the past few days, I’ve felt a little under the weather. It’s funny (not in a “Ha Ha” kind of way) how sensitive I... continue reading

Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Chemotherapy

Well, it’s happened yet again. Another good friend of mine has been diagnosed with FC (f-bomb cancer for new readers).  I’ve been spending a fair... continue reading

Begin at Once

Here’s is some test copy for styling purposes… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur commodo, ligula eget viverra porta, sapien nisl volutpat... continue reading

Top Movies to Watch During Chemo

The two to three hours spent in a chemo are absolutely no fun. There may be a smile or two, but in general, when I... continue reading

Delayed Side Effects

As I have talked about (a LOT) during my treatment for FBC (f-bomb breast cancer), cancer therapy (especially chemo) can have side effects and that... continue reading

Chemo Brain Antidote: Mental Aerobics

Now that I'm feeling stronger physically (Silver Lining: I ran 8 miles the other day and then played tennis!), it's time to up the ante on my persistently pervasive chemo brain. Argh.

Fighting is Not How The Silver Pen Rolls

Now that I'm a week out from my last radiation treatment and my brain has adjusted to the altitude of Aspen (sort of), it's time to go out on a limb and broach the topic that has been on my mind since the time of diagnosis, but that I haven't brought up because it's...well, it's anti-establishment - in a BIG way.

A Big Day

Before any big event, my dear, beloved mother-in-law used to say to her boys (& then to her grandchildren): "You have a Big Day." Today was a big, BIG day! A Silver-Lined day.

40,000 Foot Perspective

As it turns out, despite my jitters of yesterday, traveling after being on the breast cancer Isolation Island is (fortunately!) just like riding a bicycle. I hopped right back on and rolled easily, which was a real Silver Lining. Additionally, a five-plus hour flight enabled me to reflect on life lessons, lymphedema and cancer lingo.

Chemo Clutter

Chemo clutter (a/k/a mind fog or chemo brain) has truly been the most frightening part of my breast cancer experience because it inhibits my ability to think, problem solve, follow directions, and make decisions. When you think about it, cognitive ability (or lackthereof) is a huge factor in defining who we are as individuals. Having my cognition altered to radically has made me feel incredibly vulnerable. (F-Bomb!) Don't worry, I do find some Silver Linings!

Touch Points

I have now entered a space in my breast cancer treatment in which the marginal benefits of chemo cannot be measured. The point at which we do no harm. Hearing this was a watershed moment for me in which I realized that more chemo is not necessarily better. Sometimes, more chemo is just that: more chemo.

Decisions, Decisions

I find myself at a real crossroads right now with big decisions to make about chemo and radiation for my breast cancer, e.g., To do. Not to do. If doing, how much? Rather than make my FBC sitation subjective (as Chemo Sobby is want to do), I need to be fully objective (by asking the right questions) as I actively take the next steps in creating my plan of care.

What is Enough Cancer Treatment?

Today was the day that I wondered: How much chemo for this breast cancer is enough? At what point does the toxicity cease to be effective and start to cause pejorative long-term ramifications? When does the body get to have a say in the treatment plan? These are the questions I hope to answer. Soon.

Next Stop on the Chemo Train

Today is Chemo #6. It was supposed to have been my final dose for breast cancer; however, since I reacted so horrifically (yes, I am UNDERexaggerating it), my chemotherapy regimen has changed, but not without finding some Silver Linings along the way.

Regurgitas (Not for the squeamish)

While my reaction to the last round of chemotherapy has been better (Silver Lining), the nausea has been much more acute. What this means is that I have nausea everyday, all day, but sometimes it feels particularly bad. Well, today, that pesky nausea upped the ante.

Chi Nei Tsang

Because traditional, Western medicine has not been particularly effective with my gnarly chemotherapy side effects, I've been open to trying and incorporating all kinds of alternative treatments on my breast cancer treatment train.

Chemo Course Continues

Today was Chemo #5.  Since I was unable to have chemo last week (because I didn’t recover from the 4th treatment), I had a revised... continue reading

Rafa Ready

This morning, I woke up a little grumpy. At first I didn’t realize why.  What is THIS about, I wondered. Well, I became conscious of... continue reading

Bad News, Good News, Silver Lining News

Bad News: Today was supposed to have been my 5th of 6 chemo infusions. However, I have not yet recovered from the last round of... continue reading

Isolation Island

Being in the hospital last week and now home (attached to an IV pole) still feeling rotten has made me feel very isolated. Isolated from... continue reading

Sinister Sinusitis with a Side of Prunes

It was a very long, sleepless sore-throat-filled night of coughing and flipping back and forth (to get the mucus to move from one side of... continue reading

Pretty Ponderous Perspective

I’m happy to say that I’m home from the hospital.  The diagnosis, as you learned from The Husband (a/k/a HOTY a/k/a Husband of the Year)... continue reading

Hospital Detour during Chemo Treatment

Hospital Detour during Chemo Treatment Well, I’m sorry to say that things have gone to another level (and not up!).  Today, I was admitted to... continue reading

The Treatment Train Continues

Chemo #4. Check.  Two more to go. Silver Lining! As you may remember, I  go chemo to in an outfit that makes me feel good,... continue reading

Friend-ly Tips

Today is Chemo #4. One step closer to Chemo #6. Which means that I’m 2/3 of the way to the finish line. Which means that... continue reading


Chemo Sobby It’s been a rough, rough week.  Chemo last Tuesday knocked me down – HARD. F-bomb. FBC. The cumulative effect of three doses of TAC... continue reading

Brookside Dreams of Sleep

Day two post chemo.  The side effects are full on wretched – again.  No amount of drugs, acupuncture, herbs, or meditation seems to mediate, alleviate, annihilate,... continue reading

Hilacious Hotness Hits: Hot Flashes During Cancer Treatment

Hot Flashes During Cancer Treatment At 3:30 (am!), the third one of the night has already hit: hot flashes. Though I knew it was only... continue reading

Bill Moyers and Optimism

Recently, I had the great fortune to hear Bill Moyers speak as part of the extraordinary UCSB Arts and Lectures series. It had been a... continue reading

Scarf Stares

I’ve come to accept my bald head.  While I’m don’t exactly feel like “Bald is Beautiful” on me, I feel like “Bald ain’t so bad.”... continue reading

Complementary Therapies During Chemotherapy

Complementary Therapies During Chemotherapy Two days out from round two of intravenous TAC (Taxotere, Adriamycin, Cyclophosphamide) Chemotherapy. And I have a cold.  OY. I sure... continue reading

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy - 2nd Round

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy – 2nd Round Good Morning, Chemo.  Let’s go kick some FBC tush!  …and one small favor: could you avoid nearly destroying me... continue reading

A Very (Un)Hairy Situation: Losing Hair After Chemo

Losing Hair After Chemo Because I seem to be the poster child for chemo side effects (i.e., ALL of them), it didn’t come as a... continue reading

Mouth Mishegoss

Next up:  Mucositis, a/k/a Mouth F-bomb Sores. I’m not kidding.  I wish I were, but I’m not.  Three months ago, even if I had tried... continue reading

Globe-Trotting FBC

This time yesterday, I was running (actually more like crawling) around the neighborhoods of Los Angeles looking for bathrooms, lavatories, powder rooms, restrooms, toilets, salle de bains, washrooms, and water closets.... continue reading


I admit that I’m still obsessing about a potty. If you had been with me for even 20 minutes of this day (equivalent to about... continue reading

Commodes I Have Known

Today, The Husband and I are in LA for an appointment with my plastic surgeon (lady lumps still looking good, by the way!) and to... continue reading

Brookside Scheduling and Testing

Many people have asked questions about the timing of my chemo schedule and testing (thanks for caring and being interested!). So, I thought I’d lay... continue reading

Brookside Middle-of-the Night Musings

Thanks to Decadron, I am up again in the middle of the night (again) and I thought I’d offload some of the random musings in... continue reading

Day One Post Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Today, day one post breast cancer chemotherapy, I have to tell you is a tough, tough day.  I just feel F-Bomb rotten. Thanks to the... continue reading

Dressing for Chemo

Part of my confidence has always come from the way I dress, i.e., the outside working with the inside to produce fortitude, energy and courage.... continue reading

Chemotherapy 1st Cycle, Round 2

This morning is a new day.  The sun is shining.  Time for Chemotherapy 1st Cycle, Round 2. Today is going to be a good day!... continue reading

Chemotherapy 1st Cycle, Almost

This morning, I was the first patient this morning at the Santa Barbara Cancer Center. Bright and early. I was nervous, really, really nervous. At... continue reading

Chemotherapy and its Side Effects

Tomorrow is the first day of chemotherapy. WTF?  Did I really just write that?  Really?  Seems so surreal.  Two messages from friends keep going through... continue reading

Pre-Chemotherapy Testing

Chemotherapy begins on Monday, the 27th.  3 days. FFS (For F**k’s Sake). I’m feeling a little anxious.  Scared, I’m not.  I’m anxious about how my... continue reading

Port-A-Cath Insertion: Follow-up

The Port-A-Cath Insertion went very smoothly.  A SL to the day! Let’s just say that with some good medication: Fentanyl (a potent narcotic analgesic) and... continue reading

Port-A-Cath Insertion

This morning, I am going for my Port-A-Cath insertion, which means: Commencement of phase two in the FBC fight. What is a Port-A-Cath? As you... continue reading

Relaxation During Cancer Treatment

I know that it will not come as a surprise when I say that cancer and its treatment can be stressful for people with cancer... continue reading

Breast Cancer Tattoo Removal

One of the constant reminders of my experience with FBC (f-bomb breast cancer) is my tattoos from radiation. Now, granted they are small, the size... continue reading

Let's Talk About Sex (During Cancer Treatment), Baby

Let’s Talk About Sex (During Cancer Treatment), Baby In the midst of a cancer diagnosis, treatment, or recovery, intimacy can easily slip to the bottom... continue reading

Silver Lining Checkup!

A great post-radiation checkup report from San Francisco!


I have had the honor of earning quite a few graduation certificates in my life (because I loooooove school!). I can honestly say that the one I received yesterday for graduating from breast cancer treatment means as much, if not more, than all of the others!


My last Radiation treatment is a week from today. Wow. Absolutely remarkable that nearly 8 months have passed since my breast cancer diagnosis. Everything related to FBC is far from over. However, every new day is another step in the right direction (Silver Lining)!

Big Day!

Today was a big day. A...R E A L L Y -B I G-D A Y for two reasons. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, I had my eyebrows plucked and shaped! Secondly...

Freight Train of Fatigue

The freight train of fatigue from breast cancer radiation has taken up residence in my body. Why do x-rays to a small area of my body cause so much exhaustion, you ask? Well, let me tell you...

Fabulous Ferry and Lousy Lymphedema

As I continue on this breast cancer journey, for every downer, there are two Silver Linings. The nicest, most amazing things happen. When I need them the most. Every. Single. Day.

Radiation Reality

Today was day 1 of 25 Radiation Treatments for my breast cancer. Radiation is the third of three legs of this treatment stool. I am hopeful that that this stool will be a strong and solid foundation that will last for generations to come.

Radiation Rehearsal

Today is the day of my "dry run" of radiation for breast cancer. My nerves are on high alert; however, the Silver Linings continue to appear.

Gettin' Ready to Radiate!

Today, I officially entered the breast cancer radiation road. Unfortunately, it is a heavily trafficked road. The Silver Lining news is that I am being cared for by an extraordinary team...including a bolus!

The Road to Radiation

Now that my chemo is DONE and my port-a-cath is OUT, it's time to begin the Road to Radiation. Silver Lining: this is the LAST part of my treatment regimen. Yippeeee-do!

The Illusion of Time After Cancer

Recently, I came across a new blog that I am crazy about.  It is called The author, Rachael Yahne, had cancer and is a writer... continue reading

4th Cancerversary: The Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Four years ago today, I was diagnosed with FBC, known to many of you as f-bomb breast cancer. Today is a day of great reflection... continue reading

Hellooooooo After a Hiatus & Hysterectomy

Hiatus & Hysterectomy Hello! Hello! Hello! Where to begin? My oh my. I thought that sitting down to my beloved blog again after a six... continue reading

Helpful Hot Flash Hints

Helpful Hot Flash Hints For those of you who have experienced (naturally occurring or chemo-induced) menopause, you know exactly what I mean when I say... continue reading

If Not Now When? Carpe Diem After Cancer

If Not Now When? In the past week, we have had several friends who have been afflicted with the most random and debilitating things, everything... continue reading

Yoga Dreaming

Yoga Dreaming One aspect of November’s month of self care includes the development of a yoga practice. Ha! I can barely get that sentence out... continue reading

3rd Cancerversary

3rd Cancerversary Three years ago today, I was diagnosed with FBC (f-bomb breast cancer). Wow. I still can’t believe that I just wrote that. I... continue reading

5 Ways To Take Care of Yourself

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Lately, I’ve been having crazy messy drippy hot flashes. Here’s how it goes: I wake up multiple times... continue reading

Returning to Work after Cancer Treatment: Co-Worker Adjustment

Returning to Work After Cancer Treatment A dear reader wrote to me recently telling me that returning to work was a challenge not for reasons... continue reading

Tig Notaro: Life After Cancer

In the past week, I have heard about Tig Notaro and her life after breast cancer no less than three times, most recently via an interview on Refinery... continue reading

Anxiety and Depression after Breast Cancer

The After period of FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers) presents its own unique set of challenges. The anxiety and depression that sneaked in AFTER... continue reading

Life After: Making Plans After Cancer

Making Plans After Cancer The other day, I had a long talk with one of my dearest friends who is nearing the end of her... continue reading

Reverse Dodge Ball

In last week’s Girls Inc speech, I used a dodge ball analogy. Lots of people have been responding to it, so I thought I’d share... continue reading

Bone Scan After Chemotherapy

Last week, I went for a post-chemotherapy bone density scan. At 42, active, regaining stamina, and dutifully taking my vitamins, why would I need to... continue reading

Crazy Town

After having had f-bomb cancer, the thought of a potential of a recurrence is never far from my mind. A recurrence occurs when cancer comes... continue reading

Silver Lining Lifelines

This month finds me in a very challenging period. I am working on a project that is all-consuming and full of blood, sweat and tears…literally.... continue reading

Illness and Weather: The Great Equalizers

Today, I was supposed to be in Salt Lake City for the Alt Summit blogging conference. I was really excited about the learning and mingling... continue reading

Coping with Grief During the Holidays

While there is a whole heckuvalot of “Joy to the World” going on during this holiday season, I must admit that there is also a... continue reading

A Classic

Hope you all are having a beautiful holiday!  We have been very Merry and had lots of Silver Linings! So much so that I have... continue reading

Cancer is Not a Gift

As I was Christmas shopping today, I chuckled to myself when I thought about all of the people who have said (in different iterations) to... continue reading

Do You Remember Me?

Last weekend I was at a party – a big party – and a woman came up to me and said (the dreaded line), “Do... continue reading

Brain Cleanse

By late November, I realized that I had already put my ice skates on and was on the verge of going down the slippery slope... continue reading

2nd Cancerversary

2nd Cancerversary Today, October 15th, marks the 2nd Anniversary of my FBC (f-bomb breast cancer) diagnosis.  I can’t believe that I just wrote that. Any... continue reading

Time for Pajama Day!

From Friday afternoon until Saturday morning, I am having my very own Pajama Day!  I’ve been writing about Pajama Days for some time now. When I first... continue reading

Silver Lined Discovery: Kavinace

In my earlier post dedicated to getting the right amount of sleep, I wrote about Kavinace, but it dawned on me that I didn’t give... continue reading


Sleep. Beautiful, wonderful, magnificent and dreamy sleep. I love it. I lost it for a year and a half. When I was sick, I would... continue reading

The Road

I recite this poem to Sweetly Six almost every day.  I have it memorized at this point and love it more and more every time... continue reading

Oncology Nursing Month

When I was diagnosed with FBC last year, I found myself in the unique position of being on the other side of the hospital bed.... continue reading

Sleeping (Is) Beauty

After writing about the Drug Holiday that I’ve been on for the past few weeks, I’m thrilled beyond belief to report that for the first... continue reading

Open Wounds

This weekend, I was invited to speak at an event. I was asked to “tell my story.”  I had my usual pre-speaking Nerve Bugs, for which... continue reading

A Drug Holiday

A Drug Holiday About three weeks ago, I made a pretty radical decision: I decided to take a “drug holiday” from Tamoxifen. As you may... continue reading

Decision Fatigue

During my treatment for FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers), I had mental fatigue as much as I had physical fatigue. There were days... continue reading

The Clown Car in Life

One of my best girlfriends (with whom I travel pretty frequently) teases me about the fact that my suitcase always looks like a clown car.... continue reading

More Cancer Side Effects

More Cancer Side Effects In the last week, I have come to the realization that I am still having side effects from FBC (f-bomb breast... continue reading

Coming Out Party

This weekend I went to a fancy schmancy black-tie event in Chicago. The HOTY is especially cute in a tuxedo and I love wearing a... continue reading


The poor HOTY – again. I am totally funk’d up – again. I am, however, able to trace two of the sources of the funkilation,... continue reading

Survivor Guilt After Cancer Treatment

Survivor Guilt After Cancer Treatment I’ve never wondered why I was diagnosed with cancer. Many people have asked me, “Why on earth would you, a... continue reading

Anticipation After Cancer Treatment

This week, I have my first 3 month checkup post treatment. I'm going for my blood work tomorrow morning and will see my Oncologist on Friday. I am a little nervous. Totally normal, I know. But still.

What's Next: Locusts?

Last week, I woke up with a ridiculous, itchy, painful rash around my mouth. F-bomb. Really? Couldn't I just go ONE month without something?

Running to Restore My Body after Cancer

My goal last October was to fully recover from surgery for FBC and to endure chemo and radiation therapy. My goal this October is to run a 1/2 Marathon. What a difference a year makes (Silver Lining!).

GI Jane meets Jean Seberg

Today was another Silver Lined day over here on Recovery Road. Why? Well, because I went to get my first HAIRCUT. It's been NINE months since my last one (well, not counting the head shave!).

Celebrating a Cancerversary

Cancerversary This time last year, as I was nearing the end of my “Fat and Happy Summer,” I decided to begin training for a half... continue reading

More Middle of the Night Musings

More middle of the night musings, tennis and posting from insomnia-ville.

Now What?

Now that radiation is done, the big question is: Now What? More treatment? Remission? Testing? The "Now What?" question has three answers which I will, of course, explain.

Unexpected Letdown

When I finished with radiation and came home, I had no idea that there can be an unexpected side effect to surgery, chemo and radiation: post-treatment letdown. I know. I know. How dare I suggest it? Why on earth would I think it? Well, you know by now that I am hardly the girl to shy away from a difficult topic.


Simplify. It's a word that keeps popping into my mind (and when things pop into my mind, I feel compelled to share them on the Brookside Buzz!).

Coping with Cancer During the Holidays

While I loooooove the holidays, they are also fraught with challenges You know what I mean?  Too many calories. Too little sleep.  Too many errands.... continue reading

Being a Friend to Someone With Cancer

Being a Friend to Someone With Cancer While on the book tour, the number one question that people asked me (and I am asked on... continue reading

How to Make Stress Your Friend

How to Make Stress Your Friend Last week – speaking at the Clinton Foundation Women’s Health Day – was stressful. I drove the poor HOTY... continue reading

Long Distance Caregiving of a Friend with Cancer

Long Distance Caregiving of a Friend with Cancer As if having a friend with cancer isn’t bad enough, right? Well, I’m sorry to be the... continue reading

Nurse Love

When people ask me what I do, first and foremost, I say, “I’m a nurse.” It is an honor and joy to be a part... continue reading

Caregiver Fatigue

As I wrote recently, caregiving can be a demanding and stressful experience, either personally or professionally. Sometimes I don’t think that caregivers get enough credit... continue reading

Caring for the Caregiver

In the world of f-bomb cancer and other illnesses, a “Caregiver” is someone who is responsible for attending to the physical, emotional, or financial needs... continue reading

A Valuable Lesson in Following Intuition

This is my first week back at work and on the road, which required every bit of mental and physical strength that I could muster.... continue reading

Karen Rice's Silver Linings

“An Awakening” When I was diagnosed with Breast cancer a few years back, I reacted like most who receive a cancer diagnosis; first thing came... continue reading

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In August of 1998, I happened to drop a bottle of shampoo while in the shower. When I bent down to pick it up, my... continue reading

Linda's Silver Linings

Hi, I’m a fan & ‘faithful reader’ since discovering your site! I’m 54 & was diagnosed with stage II FBC 03/2010. 2 lumpectomies. Had 4... continue reading

Catherine's Silver Linings

  Dearest Hollye, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in February, 1999 while living in Dallas, TX. I had just had a mammogram the... continue reading

Jill's Silver Linings

This is not a submission as much as a ‘thank you’. I was diagnosed April 25, 2012 with DCIS and have had surgery, just started... continue reading

Sher's Silver Linings

I am a two time breast cancer survivor who continues to experience many silver linings despite being in a second round of treatments. Your site... continue reading

Michele's Silver Linings

From stage 3 breast cancer………to Wilhelmina semi-finalist in the model face 0f2012 Breast cancer and brain cancer pushed me to the edge…….but I’m pushing back.... continue reading

Gracie's Silver Linings

  10 months since I finished my chemo and radiation and now learning to deal with all the complications of that and tamoxifen yet so... continue reading

Karen's Silver Linings

I’m a two-time cancer survivor, who was like most when I heard the news, “a death sentence”. I found out later, it was truly “an... continue reading

Maggie's Silver Linings

My story is simply a complicated mess. I am an LPN and I started my own little blog, I do not post nearly as often... continue reading

S.F.'s Silver Linings

Hi Hollye – Came across your site as I wanted to share my story (literally, see below) with others. But, saw your recent posting on... continue reading

Andrea's Silver Linings

After moving to Santa Barbara last year, I heard about your blog. I was diagnosed in 2009 with breast cancer and survived through the ringer... continue reading

Katie's Silver Linings

    Dear Hollye, My name is Katie Stotler, 2 years ago I underwent a bilateral mastectomy. After coming home from my surgery I had... continue reading

Valérie's Silver Linings

I was reading today a lot of your stories, and I realized how much some of the stories I have been reading are similar to... continue reading

Shared Silver Linings

In the last week or so, there has been a beautiful surge in the number of people sharing their stories (the direct link to do... continue reading

Sandy's Silver Linings

It’s very hard to share my story or to find a place where I feel I belong because when I was diagnosed with triple negative... continue reading

Lisa's Silver Linings

I am a 36 yr old female who was diagnose with Breast Cancer on Feb. 15,2011. I had stage one on left and stage two... continue reading

Deidre's Silver Linings

I have just spent the last 3 hours reading your “Silver Lining” story of your experiences with and surviving Breast Cancer. Wow!  This is my... continue reading

Ellen's Silver Linings

I don’t have cancer, but I have a chronic neurological illness that is very painful and potentially fatal: chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy or CIDP. My... continue reading

Sue's Silver Linings

Thank you Hollye for allowing me to share my story——-Sue Walking down the dim hallway, I have a light bulb moment; “I don’t need any... continue reading

Gaynor's Silver Linings

I have just started my “journey” , not a term I’ve always got on with, but as a nurse placed a name tag on my... continue reading

Adriane's Silver Linings

I always figured that I would fight cancer at some point in my life. I just didn’t fiure that I would be 43 years old... continue reading

Wendy's Silver Linings

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2009 and decided to do chemo before surgery as a way to shrink the tumor in the... continue reading

Joyce's Silver Linings

I found your site on facebook quite by accident, right before my diagnosis! However, I read it daily, but have never written. I have had... continue reading

Brenda's Silver Linings

I miss my mother…The silver lining…her goodness, caring heart and wisdom lives on, as a legacy of love that will always be with me.

Robbin's Silver Linings

I had gone to the doctor in September because I wasn’t feeling well, and while I was there said “I’m gonna get my money’s worth... continue reading

Gracie's Silver Linings

At 43 yrs old,I had my first mammogram and was called beck in for ultrasound.core biopsy etc and learned on new years day that I... continue reading

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One of the most surprising things I have found about having cancer, so far, is the different reactions I have received from people. I am... continue reading

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I was a single mother, working three jobs to support my children. It was also my first mammogram. I didn’t want to do it; there... continue reading

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When first diagnosed with breast cancer, it didn’t even occur to me that it was something I needed to fight. The “war on cancer” declared... continue reading

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hi I am 48years old was diagonis with DCIS breast cancer had surgery on the 18th january was very successeful i am home recovering from... continue reading

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On September 21,2011 my surgeon called me with the news that the biopsy was positive for breast cancer. This came after having an ultra sound... continue reading

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My problem is it is my husband with the breast cancer. He had a breast removal 10 years ago. 17 positive lymph nodes. Chemo, raditation... continue reading

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I stumbled onto your lovely site and appreciate your point of view! My sterling jewelry company was created in memory of my mother who encouraged... continue reading

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My experience was many years ago, in January 1994. I remember the same feelings of dread, the questions, the reality of my mortality hitting me... continue reading

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I was feeling fine at the turn of the new year 2009. Had my yearly digital mammogram in Dec. 2008 along with an ultrasound and... continue reading

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Earlier this week, you posted a wonderful story from a “sister” that turned her breast cancer into a mission of making bags for chemo patients,... continue reading

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Clairfied awareness has become an integral part of my life, by this I mean that I now want to know everything … I traveled in... continue reading

Jean's Silver Linings

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The silver lining of breast cancer: you might ask? How can there be one? After a devastating diagnoses what to do? No pity parties here lets get... continue reading

Coping with Cancer During the Holidays

While I loooooove the holidays, they are also fraught with challenges You know what I mean?  Too many calories. Too little sleep.  Too many errands.... continue reading

Being a Friend to Someone With Cancer

Being a Friend to Someone With Cancer While on the book tour, the number one question that people asked me (and I am asked on... continue reading

What to Say to Someone with Cancer (And What Not to Say)

What to Say to Someone with Cancer (and What Not to Say) Oh gosh. At least ten times a week, I get an email informing... continue reading

Bookworm: How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who is Sick

Now, HERE my friends is an absolute MUST read: How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who is Sick by Letty Cottin Pogrebin! It... continue reading

What to Say To Someone Who Has Cancer - The Ring Theory

As many of you may recall, I have written quite a bit about what to say and WTF not to say to someone with FBC (f-bomb breast... continue reading

What to Say (or Not to Say) #7

The overwhelming majority of things said to cancer patients are well intended. I know it without a doubt. In fact, I would hazard to say that... continue reading

What to Say (or WTF Not to Say) #6

This week, I posted some of the What to Say (or Not to Say) graphics on The Huffington Post and boy oh boy did the... continue reading

What to Say (or Not to Say) #5

While I was sitting with my girlfriend yesterday as she received her first infusion of chemotherapy, we were talking about all of the things that she... continue reading

What to Say or (or Not to Say) #4

I know that the majority of things said to cancer patients are well intended. I really do. This is the reason that during this month dedicated... continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What to Say (or Not to Say) #3

Next up in the series of What to Say (or Not to Say) to someone with FBC revolves around chemo.  I heard this line many... continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What to Say (or Not to Say) #2

As I mentioned yesterday, I am frequently asked: What should I say (or not say) to my friend/sister/loved one who has been diagnosed with FBC... continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What to Say (or Not Say) #1

Because I’m seeing so much pink this week, I find myself thinking about all things related to FBC (f-bomb breast cancer). It’s amazing how a... continue reading