GE Ventures

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Program Description: 
Listen to a discussion with Sue Siegel, CEO of GE Ventures, former CFO & COO of U-Systems, Inc. and well-known Venture Capitalist, Fred Ong. Discover how to successfully build a startup in the competitive landscape of breast cancer innovation. Explore, first hand, breast imaging technology. Learn about how having dense breasts increases your risk for cancer from Vice President of Medical Affairs, Dr. Jessie Jacob. Be inspired by New York Times best-selling author Hollye Jacobs, as she shares experiences from her book, The Silver Lining.

Event Schedule:
5:30-6:00PM- Networking
6:00-6:30PM- Finding A Niche In The Technology Market
6:30-7:00PM- The Patient Experience & Emerging Technologies
7:00-7:30PM- Networking- Hollye Jacobs’ signed book will be distributed

*Private Event