A Moveable Feast


A picnic is the quintessential essence and Silver Lining of summertime.

One of the reasons why I love picnics so much is because you can have them anywhere. The HOTY (Husband Of The Year), Sweetly Six, Buzz and I love nothing more than throwing a blanket down in the back yard for reading, talking and noshing.

Picnics are so special because they allow us the rare opportunity to sit still for a few minutes (or hours!). When we are outside, I am so relaaaaaxed. There’s something about being outside on a blanket under a shady tree that chills me out instantaneously (Silver Lining). I have even installed a no-technology policy on a picnic blanket to eliminate any chance of distraction. Boy, was THAT a great idea!

Foods you can eat with your hands are great for picnics – which is why sandwiches and watermelon are some of my faves. I especially like wrap sandwiches because they can be sliced and shared so everyone gets to taste the variety without a lot of extra work.  Pasta, potato and bean salads are wonderful for picnics. When we have picnics away from home, I like to pack individual portions in reusable glass containers. This way, everyone gets their own and you don’t have to worry about toting a big serving dish to your favorite picnic spot!

Do you like picnics? What makes them special to you?

Wishing you all a summer full of easy, relaxed and fun-filled picnics!

All images are via tumblr and Pinterest. If you happen to know the photographers, please let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due!

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  1. says

    Picnics are fun because you can enjoy the great outdoors, the view, and the company, and the food can be simple or lavish spreads. Everything tastes better outdoors! Picnics on road trips are a favorite with me because they refresh and revitalize.

  2. says

    Every Wednesday after the 4th of July, for a month in Palos Verdes, there are concerts in the Malaga Cove library overlooking the sea. Everyone picnics under the peacock filled pines and eucalyptus. My husband has an old indian blanket that we bring despite all the modern and fancy lawn chairs designed for ultimate comfort. There is something about feeling the earth underneath you and connecting to it's powerful energy. That rough hewn blanket will probably outlast us all and we slow down enough during the week to wonder why we don't eat like this more often. A good lobster roll sandwich and glass of Vueve Cliquot -and I am truly in heaven.

  3. vincent kamin says

    I think picnics represent a respite for those crossing the plains, years ago.
    They could gather together, share in their small bounty and laugh off the
    day's struggles… especially in the heat of day… Their wagon trains billowing
    in the wind, their small circle surrounded by playful children, unaware of the
    hardships ahead. But that one shared moment amongst themselves eating
    away, stocking up with water, etc. for their next stop. Going west under the
    stars at night, an LED moonlight to guide them. Picnics were luxuries they
    could nearly afford to indulge in. Sprawled across the wild grasses huddled
    together for the safety of all. They ate what they could. The word picnic derives
    from the French, coined by Lord Chesterfield in the 18th. Century, it was intended
    to depict the pleasures of: "To pick–" Thank god they made it!