A Thanksgiving Full of Gratitude

Wishing you all a peaceful, joyous, healthy (or at least recovering), and Silver Lined Thanksgiving.

This is an especially wonderful Thanksgiving for us because I am physically, emotionally and spiritually present. This time last year? Not so much. I realized this week that I didn’t even remember last year’s Thanksgiving. That’s how fuzzy I was! Thankfully, iPhoto reminded me that someone dropped food off and that our daughter (a/k/a Finally Five for new readers) and the HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year) and I all had dinner together…and probably went to bed at 7:00 (or maybe 6:30).

This is certainly a different year. We are celebrating with extended family, including our three grown boys, and friends. The day is beginning with a 5 mile run in the morning and a family tennis match early in the afternoon (because I plan on eating A LOT!) followed by a beautiful (and hopefully delish dinner).

Happy Thanksgiving from Finally Five!

 I’m deeply grateful for so many things this year and thought I’d share just a few with you you:

  1. The HOTY. Numero Uno.
  2. Finally Five and our wonderful boys. A close Numero Duo.
  3. My (continually improving) health.
  4. Appreciation for my (continually improving) health.
  5. My friends. You all know who you are. I love and appreciate you all so very much!
  6. Playing tennis left handed (today, my coach told me that I now look like a “natural left-handed player”!!!!).
  7. Silver Lining movies with Finally Five.
  8. Morning runs along the ocean (which have become a daily ritual).
  9. Snuggling with our cuddle-buggle dog, Buzz.
  10. The Silver Pen community.
  11. Being able to see the subtle differences in the color of the sky.
  12. My inability to be ruffled by petty things.
  13. Scooting up a mountain while taking in spectacular views and breathing fragrant air.
  14. Watching the rain fall.
  15. Being able to find Silver Linings in ridiculous circumstances.

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  1. Catie says

    Beautiful! I can't wait to hug that cute FF! So many things to be thankful for this thanksgiving, and I am so thankful to know and love you and your beautiful family. And thank you for making me thankful EVERY day, not just this day, for you remind me to give thanks for all the wonderful things I take for granted. All my love!

  2. Kim C says

    Hope it was wonderful, yummy and lots of fun with your family and friends!! Such a sweet post Hollye… including the one for pineapple today! Have a nice & relaxing weekend.

  3. Lynn Glace says

    My 'Silver Linings' for this week was discovering your website. I was newly diagnosed this past July. It's been a strange year to say the least with my diagnosis and other family events that happened this year. But somehow I managed to survive and see the beautiful things in my life. I look at trees and flowers differently. Everything seems fresh and new. I too have a wonderful husband and a great daughter. Life is good.

    I love the internet. I'm a member of BreastCancer.org. When I was doing a search on breast cancer it always seemed to show up in my searches. I used the info there to ask questions of all my doctors. It made me feel good that they were up to date in their treatment of breast cancer.

    I love your quotes. They have always given my life meaning.

    Happy Thanksgiving evening.

    Lynn Glace

    • says

      Wow, Lynn. I can't tell you how much your note means to me! Truly. I also look at trees and flowers…and the sky differently. I agree that there is definitely a newness to life and the beauty around us. Isn't it great? Thank you again for your note. Please stay in touch!