Adventure + Giving = Meadowood + Share our Strength

Over the holidays, the HOTY and I had the most exquisite dining/fundraising experience at The Restaurant at Meadowood in St. Helena in the Napa Valley (resulting in a couple of those pesky pounds that I have picked up, I’m sure!). Meadowood, by the way, is one of our all-time fave spots for rest, relaxation and romance.

Every year, Meadowood has an annual Twelve Days of Christmas festival, with 12 famed chefs partnering with 12 preeminent Napa Valley vintners to present 12 feasts on 12 nights. Pretty amazing! The Silver Lining is that proceeds go to Share Our Strength®, a Washington-based charity that fights childhood hunger.

Share Our Strength® began in the basement of a row house on Capitol Hill in 1984, in response to the ‘84-‘85 famine in Ethiopia. Brother and sister Bill and Debbie Shore started the organization with the belief that everyone has a strength to share in the global fight against hunger and poverty, and that in these shared strengths lie sustainable solutions.

For food and wine lovers (which the HOTY and I are!), the Twelve Days of Christmas is pure heaven. This festival is to food what the Sundance Festival is to film. We were there on the twelfth night when Christopher Kostow, the (three star Michelin!) Chef of The Restaurant at Meadowood and Culinary Host for the event partnered with vintner Bill and Deborah Harlan of Harlan Estates to create an absolutely over-the-top magical evening.

Friends of ours, Jeff and Valerie Gargiulo of Gargiulo Vineyards, were the vintners who hosted the 11th Night of Christmas. Ohhhhhh, do we love their wines. And the great thing about the Gargiulo’s? They are as fun and kind as they are talented (Silver Lining)!

If you get to Napa, I promise that you will have a magical experience if you go to Meadowood and Gargiulo Vineyards!



The amazing staff! Chef Christopher Kostow went out of his way to say (multiple times!) that he couldn’t do anything without his staff. A fine example of leadership.

Harlan Estate wines. Cue the drool!

Bill Harlan. What a gentleman. His wife, Deborah was equally wonderful.

Yes, those are tweezers placing the desserts just so. More drool.

Chef Christopher Kostow preparing the first course. That’s me in the green behind him watching in admiration. The HOTY and I were astonished by how silent the kitchen was. It was pure magic!

Meadowood photography.

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  1. Kim C says

    Lovely and inspiring post – in every way! Wow! What a wonderful evening to celebrate a worthwhile cause with such a dedicated group of people.