Brookside Adventure in Los Angeles

First of all, great news in the plastic surgery department (SL)!  I am healing incredibly well! Incisions look great and the lady lumps are staying exactly where they are supposed to be. I’m so incredibly grateful that I didn’t have any fluid leakage after the JP drains came out.  That can happen, which then means a whole lot of extra pain and procedures that you quite frankly don’t want to hear about.

As of this week (4 weeks post-op), I am able to start stretching.  Stretching is the happiest form of discomfort because it means I’m really on the road to recovery…and back to the tennis courts!

We turned this week’s doctor appointments in Los Angeles into a little Brookside Adventure by having a wonderfully romantic (well, the best that I could do in that department) dinner and sleep over at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

It was my first stay there.  Can I just tell you how much I love the old-school charm?  I mean, really. Pink and green (my favorite colors) EVERYWHERE!  Their Christmas decorations are absolutely gorgeous. The Polo Lounge?  Charm. Charm. Charm. The Fountain Coffee Room, complete with a soda fountain and 19 green bar stools is completely fabulous! Sometimes I really think I should have been born in a different era.

Note to anyone else with FBC: when going on an adventure that includes a hotel, always request a Handicapped Room.  Not what you want to hear, I know…BUT, let me tell you that the bench and the handheld shower in the room are a must!

The next morning, The Husband had some meetings and I needed some primping (I actually need A LOT of primping!).  So I promptly went straight to see Jasmine at Anastasia ( to have my eyebrows done.  A friend of mine once said, “Good Brows = Good Look.”  Well, she is right and after my visit there, I felt so much better.

Then, I went for a mani/pedi across the street at the Beverly Hills Nail Salon where they will massage your hands, feet and shoulders for as long as you would like. And they are gooooooooood. With not much (i.e., NOTHING) on my agenda (SL), I was able to get a little extra rub-rub on my feet, which felt great.

A little retail therapy was the perfect prescription for the end of my agenda-free morning.  Most of the department stores have started their fall sales, which meant 40% off of some dandy treats!

Because having FBC can feel so isolating, it felt so nice to be a part of the real world again.

It was a SL kind of day:  Sunshine.  Shopping. Slow-pace. Santa Barbara.  “S” is becoming my favorite letter!

A Classic. My first Stay!

In the Lobby

Pink, Pink & More Pink. I couldn’t be happier!

Beautiful, Festive Decor

A Great Place for Retail Therapy

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  1. Pam Malloy says

    Hollye, so glad to hear you were in BH and able to do some great shopping and pampering! Oh, so important!!!
    Well, sorry about the chemo, but, hey….get to it after the holidays and get it over with! Right? Girl, you have other things to do after the chemo. Lots to look forward to, BFF.

  2. Merryl says

    Thinking of you and just loving these posts, dearest one! Saw this and thought of you: "Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss." –Ralph Waldo Emerson

  3. amy koch says

    yes–good brows=good look. I have heard that somehwere before!! i am happy that you are feeling better. There was a whole silver lining theme that i read yesterday..trib? nyt? one of them…i thought of you.

    f-ing freezing here.

  4. Becks says

    I was in BH this weekend too…love doing some holiday shopping there. Sounds like you had a great day! I'm glad.

    Can you believe my Junior prom was at the Beverly Hills Hotel…silly.