Brookside Movies: The Black Swan

The Husband and I went to see The Black Swan tonight.  Date night.  Been a long, long time since we have been to a movie.

The film was an intense psychological thriller….at least that’s what it felt like to me.  Natalie Portman was disturbingly brilliant. I did mention disturbing, right?

She was also gorgeous and a skilled ballerina.  I must say that she certainly deserves all of the accolades that she is receiving for this performance!

I definitely wasn’t up for that level of intensity; but I’ve always had an uncanny ability to cover my eyes when there is the teeniest little thing that I don’t want to see.

Vogue January Cover

Photos by Peter Lindbergh

I’ve always been a big fan of Natalie Portman’s.  She has an incredible way of fully transforming herself into her characters. I admit that I am an especially enamored with her because she had the Chutzpah to shave her head for the movie “V for Vendetta”.  She managed to make bald look chic. I’ve been looking hard for a SL (silver lining) to the upcoming baldness.

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  1. diane says

    Okay, so we all know you have a great shaped head, because you could not pull off your short cut without it….and it grows back, thicker! (trying for 2 SL's)
    And I also would suggest comedy…

  2. Lisa Wolf says

    She was sitting in the row in front of us at "Time Stands Still" on Broadway the other night. She is just as arresting and gorgeous live, unlike so many cinema stars. You couldn'ta picked something funny for date night? :))