Cuixmala is the sister property of Hacienda de San Antonio. Thanks yet again to Indagare, we had the unbelievably Silver Lined opportunity to visit Cuixmala on our way to the airport. Geez Louise. I couldn’t imagine anything prettier than the Hacienda de San Antonio…until I landed at Cuixmala.

One of the big Silver Linings at Cuixmala is their foundation. The ecology is an integral part of the Cuixmala experience. The Cuixmala Ecological Foundation sponsors programs to protect the habitat and the many species of birds, plants and animals that live within it. The turtle protection program has returned hundreds of thousands of baby turtles to the sea. The foundation was instrumental in establishing the vast Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve, the first reserve of its kind in Mexico to protect this type of ecosystem. How cool is that?!?

The little plane that flew us from Hacienda de San Antonio to Cuixmala

View of Cuixmala from the air

You know I love a good library!

Everything is so colorful and beautiful!

We ended our visit to Cuixmala with an absolutely over-the-top, drool-worthy lunch. MAJOR Silver Lining!

If you are ever in need of planning an amazing trip to Mexico, I would encourage you to consider the Hacienda de San Antonio or Cuixmala. They are beyond spectacular!

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  1. Kim C says

    I believe you! The pictures on both posts are outstanding. The view of mountains and lake is amazing. So happy for you & grateful for this.