Hacienda de San Antonio

Last week I had yet another  Silver Lined adventure orchestrated by the ever-amazing Indagare. Holy Moly. What an amazing company Indagare is! Their tag line is: “The next generation of travel wisdom.” Oh how that describes the company perfectly!

The week was a health and wellness jump-start at the Hacienda de San Antonio. I told you a little bit about the trip in my Proust Hiker post, but now I’d love to show you the property, quite possibly one of the prettiest properties I have EVER seen!

Located in Calima, an itty-bitty town in Mexico, the Hacienda de San Antonio was built in 1890 and lavishly restored by the one of the most successful and influential businessmen of the 20th century, Sir James Goldsmith. The property encompasses more than 5,000 acres set at the foot of an active volcano (yes, active!).  The climate is absolute perfection for lounging about in the lush formal gardens or hiking in the picturesque highlands.

There are only twenty-five suites, which gives the property a very intimate feeling. Each of the suites is decorated individually with traditional arts and crafts that are classically Mexican. Each features a fireplace and mine even had a terrace (Silver Lining). Every night I went to sleep in a ginormous cozy bed with a fire roaring. It felt very fairy-tale-esque!


They grow their own coffee!  This is what a coffee bean looks like before it is baked. Though I’m not a coffee drinker (love the smell, not the taste), I brought some home to the HOTY (a/k/a Husband Of The Year).

The chapel is exquisite. So beautiful and peaceful and spiritual. One of the girls on a trip had attended a wedding here a few years ago. She said it was spectacular. I can only imagine! What a dreamy place to get married. Maybe the HOTY and I could renew our vows here one day.

The organic gardens were beyond spectacular!  In fact, they were breathtaking. All vegetables served at the Hacienda are grown on the property. The fruit that is served is grown at their sister property on the ocean, Cuixmala.

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.


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    I've seen this place many times in magazines -it's so beautiful.
    I didn't realize THAT was where you were off to Hollye! So glad to hear it was as stunning as I'd imagined it to be.